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Messages sent to Triple S returners, recruits, and conscripts


See here:

The messages that arrive are hand delivered by couriers, most of whom are Al'noth users of some sort.

The message is as follows:

To those who claim membership in the Triple S, renewed or anew, your skills are needed for a unique mission such as will not likely be duplicated in ten lifetimes. It involves the Pits, and of course, dragons. Report to Hilm within the week. Magical transport is suggested.

/// This is your invite to the following quest. Beware, there's not likely to be a resurrection stone in the Pit to which we're going.

//darn really sorry I missed this last event with Steel n Raz n the fog.  I pulled my back really bad at the gym on friday.  I'm walking around like a sideways old lady when I am able to walk.  I've got three beers in me now and my brother has convinced me that more will help soothe the pain if we go out to watch the Noles I'm gona hobble over to the pub.  Good luck n laters


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