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Within days of a Black Wizard showing up in Blackford Castle to make an offer to the War Council an unsanctioned action has taken place.

Before the War Council had even finished making their determinations over whether they would accept the Wizards offer a group of adventurers had taken it upon themselves to act.

Upon reaching Nith the adventurers found a state of chaos. Soldiers and mercenaries ruled the inns and taverns, the local inhabitants hiding in their homes, many afraid to leave them in case they were set upon by thugs or riffraff or undisciplined soldiers.

The Drach Tesak ruled the night eliminating any they felt were a threat to their armies impending invasion. A whole city on the brink of destabilisation, ready to capitulate to the armies of the Cult as soon as they arrive.

Into this mess came a band of hardy folks, used to the rigours of danger and death. With the help of one of the few remaining figures of authority in the town, the head of the Peasant army or the Nesar Field Regiment as they were referred to, Master Kerrin of Balin dale. The adventurers began their search for the Drach Tesak in the city.

Several strikes from the Tesak on the Adventurers at night took their toll but the Tesak fared the worst of it. Tenacious as adventurers are known to be they pushed and pushed eventually finding Cult sympathisers in the town who were giving the Tesak access to the city through tidal tunnels created by the river and the ocean. These men declared a pox on adventures and Faith worship seeing the Cult as a viable alternative to both.

Persistant as ants the adventurers descended into the tunnels facing not only the sneaky underhanded strike and run tactics of the Drach Tesak but their nefarious traps and attempts to flood tunnels the adventurers entered as they themselves fled.

Lives were lost on both sides but the determination of the adventurers coupled with their considerable firepower in strength of steel and Al'noth forced the Tesak to abandon the tunnels and return to their own forces.

Within hours of the adventurers returning from a farm a day out of the city where the Tesak were gaining access to the underground tunnels four men in black robes appeared in the centre of the city.

They summoned all the Black Ravens in the city and surrounds and new orders were issued. The Ravens then set about driving the soldiers and mercenaries out of the city and back to their mobilisation areas. more than a few soldiers lost their lives to the violent agression of the Ravens in carrying out their orders.

Meanwhile in the city a meeting was called by the four Black Robed men of any and all hidden in the city who held any position of authority.

Whether they have enough time to rebuild what the Tesak pulled down only time will tell.


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For days terror has ruled the streets and lands around Nith. The Black WIzards have arrived in force and through the Black Ravens have asserted their authority on the region. Dissenters and those who don't follow orders fast enough for the formidable wizards are handed over to the Ravens for execution.

Already around the city there are poles erected with the heads of those who would defy the Wizards demands. Out in the country near the border with Kuhl the road is lined with tall poles on which hang the bodies, both alive and dead of thieves, robbers and those who have fled their posts. Their bodies hanging in the sun until they die of exposure and the birds pick at their wasted bodies.

Fear rules the lands and the Wizards and the Black Ravens control that fear. Once Raven in particular, a man called One Eye (Jehorum), with a huge sword is eager to carry out whatever demands the Wizards have of him and his men and women. When people hear that One Eye is coming things happen quickly to avoid his terrible retribution.

So too within days of the Wizards taking control the Mad Doctor arrives in the city with three large wagons that are heavily protected and covered so nothing can be seen of whats inside. As soon as he arrives Several of the higher ranked Black Wizards meet with him in private and soon after he is seen leading his wagon train out the gates towards the Kuhl border.

And as the sun rises on the fifth day since the Wizards arrived the first clashes are announced. Runners return to the command post in the city where the Black Wizards have set up to report that the leading elements of the Cult forces have quite literally crushed the peasant army forces placed in forward line trenches on the border and are making their way towards the secondary infantry trenches several miles from the Nith river.

The Black Wizards seem nonplussed at the losses nor overly concerned for the infantry defenses. One is even overheard to say casually to a runner;

"Those forces deployed across the river are to do everything in their power to slow the enemy down, that is their purpose. They are to die to the last man if necessary. Tell us when the Cult reaches the river. Then we will enact our plan."

Meanwhile in Fort Miritrix where no Black Wizards have shown up at all local authorities have done the best they can to lock down the Fort and bring surrounding residents into the safety of its walls. A Cult force still has yet to make itself known to the Fort and seems to be holding about 20 miles out of the city. However any scouts sent out in the last few days have failed to return and are considered lost.


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// Forces in Nith

5000 Civilian Defence infantry  Lost: 2700
4500 Nesar Light Infantry   Lost: 2740
2500 Nesar Heavy Infantry  Lost: 150
1000 Nesar Archers  Lost: 0
500 Nesar heavy cavalry  Lost: 0
250 Nesar Scouts  Lost: 96
2500 Mercenary forces    Lost: 327
500 Corathite Black Ravens  Lost: 5
15 Black Wizards  Lost: 0
3 'other' (The Mad Doctor)  Lost: 3

Fort Miritrix
4500 Civilian defence units  Lost: 1800
2500 Nesar light Infantry    Lost: 400
1000 Nesar heavy Infantry  Lost: 88
500 Nesar Archers  Lost:  210
200 Nesar Scouts     Lost: 45


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Two days later and the Cult armies have reached the river. Blood stains the water from the nesar Infantry divisions smashed by the Cult as they advanced. The poorly trained Nesar light infantry no match for the formidable machines of war that are the powerful Myr'drachs of the Cult.

Forming up their divisions and assessing their options for crossing the twenty metre wide span of slow moving water the Cult are content to dig into their positions and prepare for the days to come.

However as darkness falls and clouds grow and cover the moons above a deathly silence seems to fall over both sides of the river. All thats heard is the constant dull flowing of the water along the Nith river and the slight creaking of wagon wheels as three wagons are rolled to the Nith side of the river.

On the opposite bank thousands of campfires burn in the Cult campsites seemingly reflected by the smaller number of campfires on the Nith side.

The wagons reach the waters edge and continue. Black ravens in full battle armour hold the reigns on the masked horses forcing them back towards the waters edge. Nearby an ominous figure, cloaked and hooded in robes that seem to shimmer and move with his body the smell of death and decay flowing from him. He hisses as a horse suddenly snorts loudly and raises an arm to point at the raven holding the creature. the cloak rolls back from his wrist revealing a bony wrist and hand with decayed flesh clinging to it in parts.

"In silence you fool or you will be the first to face them." The Black Raven gulps then bows his head turning his attention to the horse once more.

Back, back into the water go the wagons until they are almost fully submerged and half way across the river.  Swiftly Ravens climb on top and withdraw well oiled heavy steel rods from the back of each wagon. A light kick and the back doors on each wagon fall open simultaneously.  The stench of death emerges as three massive shapes emerge and splash across the river in the dark towards the Cult campsites. As they reach the shore shouts come from scouts positioned along the banks, their shouts swiftly turn to screams of fear then gurgles.

Soon screams and cries come from the Cult camps as the creatures unleashed on them strike death and fear into their hearts. On the Nith side of the shore the Mad Doctors cackling laughter penetrates the night as he watches the drama unfold, the Black Ravens standing careful guard around him including the dreaded One Eye.

In the Cult Camp chaos emerges, even the fearless Myr'drachs are unsettled and stricken with indecision and confusion.  From her command tent Cyn Chen emerges, her face glowering in fury.

"Report!" She demands from a nearby guard who races up to the tent and falls on his knees before he blabbering on about death in the forward camps. She kicks him viciously in the face sending him sprawling and several teeth flying.

"Get me someone I can understand."  Another man races up, an older man, a veteran of several battles.

He kneels on one knee as he reports, his face pale and ashen.

"General, death walks amongst us, the enemy have unleashed their own Myr'drachs but they are not living. Three of them are killing all that come near them. The Myr'drachs will not fight them they fear what they are and are confused by their smell."

Cyn Chen looks to where the fighting seems to be concentrated and curses under her breath.

"Molvaren didn't learn the first time did he. I knew this would happen, this is a fools errand taking on Nesar."

She whistled sharply and out of the shadows around her tent come four trusted companions, men and women she had trained and fought with for since the beginning.

"Come, we will deal with these things...Call off the attack for the morning. I want to let Molaven know personally what sort of a mess he's created down here."


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An entire week passes after the Nith conflict is engaged before Fort Miritrix feels the first assault of the Cult. In the night pockets of Myr'drachs clear the walls of the city and engage the soldiers in the streets.

Desperate running battles are carried out which Cult soldiers use bows to send arrows in waves into the main battlements.

For days these same tactics occur causing the soldiers in the city to be placed under tremendous strain and stress. Their losses lessen as they learn to better defend themselves against the strike and retreat type tactics of the cult forces.

The Mayor of the Fort, Lord Olerim and the Fort Commander Sir Polamic send repeated messages to Arnax with the only responses being that the Black Wizards are overseeing the front lines. To date not one had been seen in Fort Miritrix and they were feeling very much on their own.

Within days every outlying farm to the north and west of the fort was burnt to the ground and the lands held by the Cult.

Near the end of the second week forces inside the city watched helplessly as enemy forces began to overrun their position choosing to go around the fort rather than engage the fort directly.

And at the end of two weeks the Cult was already inside Nesar and Fort Miritrix was behind enemy lines beseiged by a smaller Cult force.


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Rumours are already circulating of a failed attempt by Adventurers to penetrate Cult forces now south of Fort Miritrix and to hopefully reinforce those Nesar forces trapped inside the Fort.

Barely a handful have emerged battered and bruised after suffering terribly at the hands of the Cult forces not even reaching the walls of the Fort.

More information to come to light as scouts report in.


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The morning dawns, quiet except for the sounds of the army camped outside Fort Miritrix. The mayor looks to the middle aged veteran beside him and talks softly as they gaze out to the north at just one of the enemy camps.

"How many do you think they have out there?"

Sir Polamic, a retired soldier and Fort Commander sighs. "At least one and a half to two thousand to our north, maybe 500 to a thousand one each of the other sides."

"Why can't we counter attack?"

"Our men are not trained to fight soldiers like this, most of them can't even hold a sword properly. If we send our best soldiers out on a sortie they might break through but the enemy will send their Myr'drachs into the city and take it behind us. We need our best soldiers in the city to prevent that."

The mayor sighs, "How long before we can expect more help?"  Just a day before they had watched as in the distance something had happened in the the enemy ranks a massive battle seemed to be taking place behind the enemies southern perimeter but within hours it had died down and nothing further had taken shape.

"Help," snorts the grizzled veteran. "if its not here by now, its not coming. Who knows how far behind enemy lines we are now. I figure at the speed the enemy is moving they probably had Prim by now and will soon be moving through the Sharawood to Holar. All we can do is sit and wait and pray those bastards don't decide to try and really take the Fort. If they do that, we wont hold long. If only they didn't have those blasted Myr'drachs. Our defences mean nothing to them they just fly over them and do what they like."

The Mayor goes quiet for a few minutes. "Should we ask for terms then?"

The Fort Commander glances sideways at him. "You really think they will honour them? You've seen what they do to the men they capture...and then theres the women."

The Mayor looked north again, "Yes, how many columns of women have we seen taken north now?"

"Too many," Sir Plamic's fists clench, "and we cant do anything about it. "Women, girls, they take them all to do only the gods know what to them. No, I'd rather die fighting that surrender to those bastards."

"You might get your wish soon my friend." Together they watch the north where the enemy camps seem to taunt them with their presence.


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*Tralek makes his way back from Fort Miritrix ruffled and angry.  He meets with Vrebel, other members of the Triple-S and as many veteran adventurers as he can in a short time.  He explains the build up around Fort Miritrix and how he thinks the Fort still holds.  That the women, even the young girls, are being carted off to be used in by the Drachs in ways he dare not consider in detail.  He tries to convey the desparate situation these people face and their earnest need for help.  The Fort has been there for us on plenty of adventures, it is time for us to be there for them.  His aim is to organize an elite strike force to blaze a trail to the Fort, rescue the folks there and free the captured women.  The dangerousness of such a venture is not underestimated by him*

//PM sent


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Two days after the adventurers failed to break the seige on Fort Miritrix and fled south.

In Nith the war has already ground to a halt. First it was the undead Myr'drachs released into the enemy camp and in the last few days disease has struck at the Cult army across the river. It was a few at first, then more followed and soon they realised that potentially an epidemic was unfolding.

For another 24 hours from that time no further attacks emerged and then the moment seemed to pass and en masse the Cult moved forward. Thousands of Cultists made for the river wading through up to their shoulders at the deepest point as Nesar archers rained death down on them. That is until the Myr'drachs launched their attacks over the river landing in the midst of the Nesar archers and tearing into them with unleashed fury.

The river flowed red with blood as the Cult soldiers began to emerge onto the Nith side of the river. A signal sounded and nesar soldiers poured forth from cover to crash into the emerging Drachs and common soldiers of Kuhl. For hour the battles raged and soon it was evident the Nesar forces were no match for the battle hardened Cult army but, whether it was because they were defending their homeland, or that they were terrified of what the Black Wizards would do to them if they failed the Nesar soldiers fought hard to prevent the Cult gaining ground too quickly.

After several hours a new force entered the battle, sweeping through the allied ranks like a farmer does a field full of wheat with a sharp scythe, Cyn Chen and her closest bodyguards of the Drach Tesak went on a murderous spree. She seemed to be everyone at once in the battle cutting, slashing, disembowling before moving on and appearing somewhere else. It wasn't long before the tactics began to break the Nesar lines.

That was when a cold wind suddenly rose over the area and the stench of dark magic filled the air. The bodies of those fallen in combat began to rise and attack the Cult armies. A dozen Black Wizards appeared then just behind the Nesar Lines each one attended to by a score of Black Ravens.

Then, for the next half hour it was as if all the Pits had opened at once and unleashed the deepest and darkest magics they could find into one location. Demons and undead ruled the field of battle, the soldiers of Nesar not paralysed in fear, watched in abject horror as death walked the edge of the River Nith and cast its hand about. Horror after horror descended on the Cult forces, the pure shock and awe coupled with death dealing magics at every turn.

Not long after the signal to retreat was given and he Cult fled back across the river.

Within hours of the failed assault rumours spread through the Nesar Soldiers lines that the Black Wizards were demanding an audience with Cyn Chen. It wasnt long before the rumours became reality and three Black Wizards arrived at the rivers edge, stepping calmly over bodies in various states of death by the rivers edge. A small rowboat was drawn up and they were taken across the river to the enemy side. Leaving many to wonder just what was going on.

In Fort Miritrix things continued has they had been for the last fortnight. The Cult content to hold the seige around the Fort while their soldiers plundered at will to the south. By now Prim had fallen to the Cult forces and Holar was being evacuated as the Cult began to draw their forces through the Sharawood and to the large towns northern borders.


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Hours later as dusk begins to fall the Black Wizards return from across the river.

They sweep past the Nesar soldier lines and soon a large meeting occurs in the command tent for Black Wizards only. At least a dozen are present talking late into the night.

Meanwhile outside Holar Nesar Peasant army and enlisted Infantry regiments prepare themselves for the Cult forces massing to the north of the large town expecting an attack at first light in the morning.

However, the night passes and by morning there is no sight of the Cult army. Merely empty, hastily packed up campsites. Nervous scouts advance into the area inhabited by thousands of Cult soldiers the night before to find....nothing...the enemy had packed up and retreated during the night.

For the rest of the day nervous units of Nesar soldiers begin to move north towards the Sharawood expecting at any moment to be attacked by Cult forces.


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*Vrebel listens to Tralek's description of the events unfolding in and around Miritrix.  As Tralek continues Vrebel's face turns reder by the minute, his large hands close to fists.*

That just aint right Tray.  You start messin' with women and you done gone too far.  We'll go get our women folk and take back Miritrix.  Bout time we start crawlin out of our Forts and give these freaks a fight! I'm tired of them runnin' rough shot over Belinara.

Dont worry bout me somehow I'll find a way so count me in!


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The same time as scouts are finding the Cult camps empty north of Holar, near the Nith river the Black wizards emerge to inform the leaders of the soldiers and mercenary groups that the battle is over. They are ordered to pack up their camps and return to Nith to await payment by Nesar officials coming from Arnax.

The Black Ravens are released and sent back to Nith as well. When One-Eye questions one of the Wizards as to why he is threatened within an inch of his life. So to the Mad Doctor, angry at being denied more victims demands to know what is going on. His questions and threats are brushed off rudely and he is left standing on the rivers edge as the Wizards depart.

By the afternoon not one Black Wizard remains in Nith. What remains is a great deal of confusion and uncertainty. Those who had travelled specifically to the battlefront to support those already there left in disbelief.

Across the Nith river thousands of Cult forces begin a forced march northwards towards Fort of last Hope. Hoping to reach the battle within the month.

Inside Fort Miritrix the soldiers watch in wonder as thousands of Cult soldiers file past their walls also heading north hoping to arrive at the Fort of Last Hope within 3 weeks.


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*Stygian frowns as he packs his gear*

"Something is afoot he mutters."

*After he finishes he seeks out the Oraculum for further direction...*


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*Alandric turns to Stygian*
"Follow the Raven to Nith and await the officials.  I'll head to Arnax and speak with our superiors.  I'll send message where to meet me."

*He withdraws a device from his robes and activates it, Teleporting him elswhere.*


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*Jehoram snarls under his helm as he walks away. After a short while he catches up with the mad Doctor.*

"The head of this corpse is decaying. It may be time to start examining why. I'll be in touch soon."

With that me mounts his nightmarish steed and begins to ride south.


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*Stygian bows again* As you wish, walk in darkness brother...

He then finds Gimli and Eyebite and informs them it is a waiting game now. He finishes packing the last of his gear and then heads into the now abandoned battlefield to collect trophies and regents from the fallen. Occasionally he finds a fallen invader or defender badly wounded, but still alive. He insures they suffer before they leave their mortal coils.


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** Several hours pass and the Mad Doctor seemingly pops back into the camp.  He is fatigued and gives brief orders to those nearby to locate Jehoram and Stygian and bring them to him.

When they finally appear Alandric is pacing, his gait and posture highlighting a man deep in thought.  Suddenly he turns to Stygian and Jehoram.

"My brothers.  I have just returned from Arnax.  By order of the Priest of Death I am in charge here.  The Black Wizards have sold us out.   I will fill you in with the detail later.  Now we must grab everyone here.  Go and tally our numbers.  I want all the ravens, the Oracculi and any other bystander we can find. If they can breathe they fight.  If they can't breath we cart them to our destination for animating.  We will join the Nesar forces and invade Kuhl itself.  
Now the real battle begins!"


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*Stygian chuckles* "This is going to get interesting..." *He spits on the ground and curses the Black Wizards.*

He then heads out and begins locating all of the Oracculi in their defensive positions and passes the Doctor's instructions. Additionally he puts together several large work parties comprised of civilans and Nith militiamen and tasks them with loading dead bodies from the Nith side of the river into wagons like fire wood. (After all, if the living are not going to escape conscription by a Corathite military draft, then neither will the dead.) The wagons are to be staged outside of town to avoid spreading disease, but will be accompanying the rear guard of any invasion force to be animated later at the front. Stygian grins at the horrified look on the faces of the work parties and says, "A soldier that does not consume resources is a valuable soldier, no?"


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At first it is difficult to get anything happening, mercenaries are already celebrating their odd victory in taverns all over Nith, confused levies and regular Nesar Soldiers are almost wandering around not sure what is going on.

Slowly but surely leaders start to come forth, information trickles around amd of course the commanding voice of the Mad Doctor and that imposing presence of One Eye and several other underlings of the Mad Doctor start to get the ball rolling.

The hardest part is convincing the celebrating mercenary companies to get back to their camps and start preparing for the invasion of Kuhl. But a few shows of power from the Mad Doctor and his closest servants soon convinces them that they should do what he says.


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*Addressing both Alandric and Stygian*

"Before events start to accelerate I suggest we take council"

*He point to a nearby command tent*

"Meet me there within the hour."

//If we could move this back to the Corath forums for a while, a few things need to be addressed before we go gallivanting off ;)