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we've been receiving requests on people wanting to pursue lines of investigation regarding the Dragon Storm plot.

You could use CDQ slots for this, but that would "cost" you a CDQ for your character. So what we'll do is Player Initiated Investigation Sessions.

These Investigation Sessions need to be for a group of players, as they should not be personal XP hunt sessions.
You can submit for one here by:

1) Indicating what you want to investigate, stating the clues/rumors/info you are basing it on.
2) Indicating what timezone you and the investigative party are in and at what times you are available, so we can look at GM availability
3) being aware that while this can be rewarding, it can also be dangerous or even lead you to nothing at all. :)
4) realizing the sessions will probably be open to everyone (unless valid reasons are given)

These will not be very long sessions, probably no longer than an hour or two max. The idea is to gather information/investigate something which may be of use.

We'll then look at the proposed Investigation and let you know if we'll run it, or not (because it may be covered in another quest already, or can be done in a PM).

It is not intended to be a re-run of information already handed out in another quest, because for you guys to achieve the best outcome the playerbase will have to communicate with each other across timezones.

(Best is in the eye of the beholder BTW ;) E.g. Blood may have been defeated, but the Dark Ages killed millions, good/bad? No idea! Could it have gone different? Yes :))

There's a group of GMs across many timezones running stuff, and you may not even realize until later that something could be related to DS, so you'll have to talk.

Have fun!

Pen N Popper:
Not overlapping any GM quests, I would thoroughly enjoy the chance to be involved in something like this.  How do those not-in-the-know begin to get acclimated to the Dragon Storm campaign?

Will these player investigations be put on the GM / Player calendar for us to join in on?

It's the "chicken and the egg," I don't know enough ICly (or even OOCly) to initiate an investigation which would lead to further fun.

Edit:  Perhaps the WLs that know things could use the town criers to make suggestions on paths of investigation.  They can add things to them, right?

Great idea, my thanks!
~ PnP

Harlas Ravelkione:
There are numerous active PCs who know bits and pieces of information on the current plot. Some know much, other little, many know different things since quests that affect the plot have been spread out over all timezones via different GMs.

Start to ask around and I wager you'll soon find someone who can help you. And the towncriers may already have things to tell you... if you ask the right way. *shifty*

Okay lets get the ball rolling:

// Please note I am keeping this here for the future...instead I wish to go back and revisit the notion of investigating how the Dragon stealers are finding out where the Dragons are located. I believe there may be some magical means they are using to divine the locations of dragons. other than that there must be another means they are using i want to try and locate and then take it from there...

1/ Please refer to the last report regarding information about Phal from Harlas's quest:

2/ AEST timezone and those who will (if able) accompany me will be: Lexor, Argali, Hilda, Angela Swan, Alantha, Arkolio (unless Pseudo is running it), Sala Stonehill, Jin Lun lee, Arynne, and possibly a mix of a few others.

3/ Considering last time we travelled to Belinara there was an attempted assassination of us and other nasty treats this is understood!

4/ Totally acceptable and welcome!

// Hey Dezza, just to let you know I can't see that Forum you are pointing to.  -Stragen


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