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Seen around Belinara...


After the retreat of the Cult's troops back in Kuhl, Steel practically disappeared from Belinara. Lately, however, he has been spotted more and more often around the Hilm Protectorate and Nesar. His return to Belinara coincides with further unrest within Hilm. They say that blood follows the demon of Leringard, but very few have actually seen the masked devil draw his sword- at least, few that are still living.

One way or the other, he's returned to Belinara for a reason...

Two grizzled fisherman pull up their crab traps off the shore near Arnax.

"Hey, Joeler. Ye ever heard of Steel?"

"Aye. Me dagger's made of it."

"No, donkey-brain. That demon fella."

"The giant blueberry with a metal face? Yeah, sure."

"Saw him in person, I did. Back in the middle of Mar, few weeks ago, up in Nith when I was visiting my sister. I think his shoulder is as big around as my head."

"There you go telling stories again, Greyson. Just like that four-foot lobster you say you caught in that two-foot crab cage. I saw that blue demon dockside in Arnax two weeks ago."

"It was a five-foot lobster, and there was no mistaking what I saw in Nith. Metal face, blue skin, enough weaponry to outfit a small army-"

"Look, there's no way he could have been in two places at once. Arnax and Nith are weeks of travel apart, even by sea. And I'm not the one who catches giant three-foot lobsters that nobody ever sees. So when I say I saw blue-boy, people will believe me, because it's true."

"I told you, the reason no one saw the lobster is because I was starving hungry and ate all six feet of the thing, shell and everything! And you know what else? I have witnesses. My sister saw him, too. And since he can't be in two places at once, and I'm telling the truth, then that means you didn't actually see the real Steel. Yeah, that's right. Now's who telling tall tales?"

"Maybe the blue demon has a twin. Or maybe he really can be in two places at once."

"Oh, come off it already, mate. You're just jealous I saw the guy and you didn't."

"Jealous? Pbb. Well, I sure ain't jealous of your seven foot imaginary lobster."

The two continue on like this until the evening fades and the work is done.

Troops from Hilm report seeing Steel a few miles from Briardusk sometime near the middle of the month of Mar.


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