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Aliases: The Deep Brother, The Master of Metal
  Race: Gnome 
  Alignment: CG
  Worshippers: Mostly gnomes and humans.

Cleric Alignments: NG, CN, CG  
  Domains: Earth, Fire, Good, Knowledge
  Governs: Invention, inspiration, scholarship, engineering, mining
  Discuss and spread ideas of new innovations. Strive to refine known techniques, invent new processes, and tell others about them. Once you begin to work on a new invention, do not stop until it is finished and working. If you think something can be improved, try improving it till you succeed.
  Question the impossible with new devices. Sacrifices must be made for the glory of science. Try to keep and share records of your strivings, ideas, and sample devices so that others may follow your work and improve on what you leave behind. Encourage others to think of new tools, improved ways of crafting, new ways of using their existing gear, and new ways of doing things. Acquire and store the inventions of others and share their secrets with others.
  Clergy Favored Weapon and Clothing:
  Clerics of Goran prefer the light hammer as a weapon as it is also a useful tool for creating and fixing things. Technical weapons are prefered over enchanted ones, but those can be useful as well. They prefer practical, durable clothing and armor that can be worn while working. Robes with numerous pockets for tools and scrolls are popular among Goran's clerics. They prefer metal armor in combat, and they do not show any preference towards color in their choices of clothing and armor.
  Clergy and Temples:
  The clergy of Goran is very loosely organized. Various temples exist and share knowledge with each other. Clerics who have created something great are considered the closest to Goran; thus, a cleric's reputation and status is based entirely upon the prolificacy and importance of their working inventions. The same criteria are used when weighing “academies,” as the clergy like to call Goran’s temples: the more and better inventions, the greater the temple.
  Academies of Goran tend to be very much like workshops full of tinkered devices and plans for more. Clerics can constantly be seen planning or experimenting. Many experiments are dangerous, and for this reason, the temples are often in isolated places and do not get many visitors other than the faithful of Goran.
  Clerics of Goran pray for spells in the morning, before they plan their day. Goran doesn't have many set holy days, but each working invention is cause for celebration.
  Worshippers of Goran tend to take their time on inventions, and thus, celebrations of completion are rare. Goranites celebrate the day they started working on their life-quest annually by gathering many people in one place and telling them about the progress they made during the year.
   The most important day for a Goranite is the 13th of Oclar, which is called "The Day of Amazing Innovations” by Goran’s followers. It is the day Goran supposedly invented inventing and ascended to godhood. Goranites celebrate the greatest invention by gathering together, sharing their plans and displaying their inventions. One very significant day is the 24th of Apreal, when the winter is considered to be over. This day is called the Great Fixing among Goranites and they travel the surrounding lands, fixing any broken tools and items for the local townsfolk.
  Prayers to Goran can often be heard in situations where new inventions are tested. For example: "Great Goran, allow this device I created in your honor to work, and if it for some reason doesn't, grant me the wisdom and intellect to bring my plans to fruition."
  Goran’s constellation is known by gnomes as ‘TheMasterofMetal’smostexcellentamazingsuperduppercreativetoolofwonderfulmagnificence,’ however most normal people merely call it ‘Goran’s Tool.’  Most who look upon it have a hard time counting the stars because they are all mixed up in what looks like a messy jumble. Many gnomes however have been able to break this sort of astral-code and map this constellation. They have revealed it to be a commonly used gnomish tool that few people of other races have ever seen.  ‘Goran’s Tool’ sits always in the Western sky and has absolutely no arcane meaning. Few think it has divine meaning though it has yet to be decided, but most gnomes simply like to look up at it to remind them that they work towards better inventions.
  Allies and Enemies:
  Allied: Dorand, Deliar, Az'atta, Beryl, Prunilla 
  Friendly: Vorax, Ilsare, Toran, Aragen, Folian S'pae
  Neutral: Aeridin, Kithairien, Shindaleria, Grannoch 
  Unfriendly: Rofirein, Pyrtechon, Lucinda, Corath, Mist, Baraeon Ca'Duz, Vierdri’ira, Grand
  Enemy: Shadon, Branderback, Katia, Sulterio, Xeen