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Aliases: Destroyer of Dwarves  
Race: Orc  
Alignment: CE  
Worshippers: Orcs  
Cleric Alignments: CE, NE, CN  
Domains: War, Earth, Evil, Destruction  
Governs: Mining, smithing, craftsmanship  
Dogma: Other creatures are inferior to orcs, and all lands rightfully belong to the orcish hordes. Destroy the dwarves and all that they hold dear as well as all those who follow He That Is Not To Be Named.  
Clergy Favored Weapon and Clothing:  
Clerics of Grand are required to craft their own weapons as homage to their god. It does not matter what weapon it is, as long as it is made in the name of Grand. They usually enchant the weapons for added destructive power. They do not wear leather armors, only metal which they’ve also preferably mined and made themselves.  
They usually wear a rough representation of an axe around their necks.  
Clergy and Temples:  
Since Grand has not been a god for long, the faith is still young and highly disorganized. Often the clergy is in conflict with the ancestor worship that is still the main faith of the orcish hordes. If there is a small group of clergy in an orcish stronghold, they’re led by the strongest orc. Temples are often just shacks or tents and are also used as smithies or crafting houses.  
Followers of Grand will never utter the name of Dorand, as this is the ultimate affront to Grand.  
Prayers to Grand are rough and to the point, often not more than short sentences like “Grand, make me strong!”  
Grand’s constellation is still fairly new, and thus has not been heavily debated by astronomers yet, however it is said to take the form of a claw. It has been named by Orcs simply ‘The Claw’ for lack of a better name.  It can only be seen during the fall and winter months, and as far as anyone can tell has no decisive arcane or divine powers. Grand’s followers however perform many evening rituals which involve his constellation.  
Allies and Enemies:  
Allied: Baraeon Ca'Duz, Pyrtechon  
Friendly: Shadon, Corath, Vierdri’ira  
Neutral    : Az'atta, Beryl, Branderback, Lucinda, Mist, Xeen, Grannoch  
Unfriendly: Deliar, Ilsare, Prunilla, Rofirein, Shindaleria, Toran  
Enemy: Vorax, Aragen, Dorand, Goran, Aeridin, Folian S’pae, Katia, Kithairien, Sulterio