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Aliases: Mother of Giants (used by all giant-kin), Lady of Lightning (used by storm giants), Shaper of Stone (used by stone giants), Tamer of Flame (used by fire giants), Mistress of Cold (used by frost giants)  
Race: Giant  
Alignment: Lawful Neutral  
Worshippers: Usually giants, half-giants or humans with some giant blood in their ancestry.  
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, TN, LE  
Domains: Protection, Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. The cleric always has the Protection domain together with one elemental domain which is always based on the type of giant they are (Fire for fire giants, for instance)  
Governs: Storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, ice  
The first words of Grannoch when she created the giant races of Layonara were these:  
“My Children, I, Grannoch, Mother of Giants, am the One that is Four. The Four are One inside Me. Since I am the Four, none can be supreme.”  
Grannoch balances the elements, since she embodies all elements. All elemental powers are granted by Grannoch, and thus, all are equally powerful. None should reign supreme and those striving to make one more powerful than the other should be stopped. Never slay a fellow follower of Grannoch. Protect your homes and families.  
Clergy Favored Weapon and Clothing:  
Grannoch’s followers favor mauls, often enchanted with the elemental power of the domain of the cleric.  Clerics are usually dressed in the colors of their domain, so red for fire, dark blue for water, brown or green for earth, and light-blue to white for air. The elemental color is possibly combined with another color of their choice, but the other color is never the color of another element.  
Clergy and Temples: Most giant communities have a couple of clerics, both male and female; usually the most powerful is the leader, but there is no specific title given to this cleric. There is also no large, community- spanning hierarchy, although every giant race has a male and a female cleric that are considered the most wise and powerful. These are generally referred to as the Son and the Daughter of the particular element: the Son of Air and the Daughter of Air, for example. It is rare to have such powerful clerics dwelling in the same community, however.  
Grannoch is generally prayed to at dawn and at dusk, for example by praying to a fire, a bowl of water, with hands touching the ground, or with arms extended upwards to the sky. She is also invoked when strength or aid is needed: when going into battle or when child labor is difficult, for instance. When praying to Grannoch, clerics try to use words related to elements in their prayers.  
For example, a prayer of a cleric with the Earth domain, before going into battle:  
“Oh Grannoch, Shaper of Stone, make me strong as the bedrock and my foes tremble before me as if you were quaking the earth itself!”   
Or, a cleric with the Water domain, praying to give a mother strength during a particularly difficult childbirth:  
“Mother of Giants, hear my plea, please assist your daughter in bringing another one of your children into the world. Make this birth as easy as the effortless flow of a mountain stream.”  
The only special day of worship is the first day of spring, also called Birth of Giants, when all giants remember the birth of their races on Mount Tulbane, as well as the birth of all the giants born since the last Birth of Giants.  
‘Giantess’ Supremacy’ is a peculiar constellation indeed. According to Grannoch’s teachings, none of the elements can be supreme. Her constellation then, fits well with these teachings as those who look upon it, see what the element that fits them most at that time.  A crystal of ice, a small flame, a flash of lightning, or a massive boulder, those who follow Grannoch and look upon the constellation state that that is what they see, despite the fact that for everyone, the arrangement of the stars is the same.  Giantess’ Supremacy always same number of stars, fifteen, its positions in the sky changes throughout the year, as do the colors of the stars. Summer, the stars glow faint red, and the constellation sits in the Southern sky; Fall, the stars glow yellow, and the constellation sits in the Western sky; Winter, the stars glow the faint blue, and the constellation sits in the Northern sky; Spring, the stars glow the brightest white, and the constellation sits in the Eastern sky.  
Few divine rituals are performed under this constellation as most who worship the Mother of Giants, pray at dawn and dusk, when the stars are more likely to be drowned out by the sun. However few have ever been close enough to giants during their rituals to see what exactly they’re for.  
Allies and Enemies:  
Allied: Katia, Aeridin, Pyrtechon  
Friendly: Ilsare, Shindaleria, Rofirein, Aragen, Toran, Prunilla, Deliar  
Neutral: Baraeon Ca’duz, Shadon, Lucinda, Az’atta, Beryl, Folian S’pae, Vierdri’ira, Grand, Goran  
Unfriendly: Mist, Sulterio, Xeen, Kithairien, Branderback  
Enemy: Vorax, Dorand, Corath