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Aliases: The Runner   
Race: Wild Elf  
Alignment: CN  
Worshippers: Usually wild elves.  
Cleric Alignments: CG, TN, CN, CE  
Domains: Animal, Strength, Travel, Trickery  
Governs: Time, strength, quickness of wit, hunting prowess  
Rely not on others for your survival. Live free. Embrace nature and its gifts, but do not take or keep anything you don't have to. Law and order other than those of nature restrict; thus, they are not to be followed in any way. Wait patiently for the opportunity, but when your chance comes, act swiftly, wasting no time or effort.  
Clergy Favored Weapon and Clothing:  
Clerics of Kithairien favor the spear. The simple yet versatile weapon is suitable for many things other than combat. Armor isn't necessary, for a true warrior of Kithairien waits for the opportunity and strikes without getting hit himself. Clerics wear light, unencumbering armor such as cloth and leathers to aid their evasive prowess. Natural colors are usually preferred as they create an effective camouflage. Usually, clerics of Kithairien wear or in some other way display the colors blue and white, which represent the open sky and the freedom it symbolizes.  
Clergy and Temples:  
The church of Kithairien consists primarily of clerics living in solitude and small tribes of wild elves, and, as such, has little in the way of formal hierarchy. Actual temples to Kithairien do not really exist. There are places of worship, though, mostly magnificent and mystical places of nature. Clerics of Kithairien pray for their spells at no particular times; for a hunter, time does not truly matter. The church of Kithairien does not celebrate widely recognized holy days. Instead, the tribes of wild elves mark anniversaries of important events in the group's history and celebrate them in Kithairien's name.  
Prayers to Kithairien are usually for the hunt. Also, wild elves wishing to become like their hero-god ask for some of Kithairien's qualities. For example a wild elf cleric of Kithairien praying before hunting: "Oh great hunter, grant me your wisdom so that I may know the moment to act. Grant me the speed and agility of the great Runner, that I may act swiftly when the time comes, and bestow upon me your great strength, that my prey shall fall as easily as yours."  
Kithairien's constellation is called 'Great Falcon' because of its shape. Falcons are one of the fastest birds on all of Layonara and are greatly respected by followers of The Runner for their great speed and hunting abilities.  
This constellation is made of up twenty five stars and moves from East to West from spring to fall, disappearing during the winter months. No matter where you are during the winter you will never find 'Great Falcon' in the sky.  
Because followers of the runner are constantly moving about, hunting, and exploring, the often look up to the ‘Great Falcon’ and whisper a small prayer, asking for safe passage and speed on their journey.  
Allies and Enemies:  
Allied: Aeridin, Ilsare, Katia   
Friendly: Mist, Az'atta, Xeen, Prunilla   
Neutral: Branderback, Deliar, Lucinda, Shindaleria, Beryl, Folian S'pae  
Unfriendly: Goran, Aragen, Grannoch  
Enemy: Rofirein, Pyrtechon, Vorax, Dorand, Shadon, Toran, Corath, Baraeon Ca'Duz, Sulterio, Vierdri’ira, Grand