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Aliases: The Lady of the Sea, Lady Doom 
  Race: Human
  Alignment: CN
  Worshippers: Mist draws worshippers from all races, with none being particularly dominant. Followers of Mist are, however, predominantly drawn from those who rely upon the sea or hold a particular reverence for it.
  Cleric Alignments: CG, TN, CE, CN
  Domains: Air, Destruction, Strength, and Water.
  Governs: Oceans, winds, currents, storms, rebellion
  Clerics of Mist believe in allowing nature to run rampant in all of its chaotic glory. They glory in the power of the cyclone, the ferocity of the storm, and the unpredictability of the weather. The first doctrine of Mist: “Do not attempt to control the tempest, for it is a thing to be revered in itself. Instead, revel in its untamed power, and use it to become one in spirit with me.”
  Though Followers of Mist adhere to this and generally identify with such violent natural phenomena, they also respect individuals who struggle against such adversity. Those who use ingenuity and perseverance to overcome such natural adversity are highly respected by Mist’s representatives.
  Clergy Favored Weapon and Clothing:
  Clerics of Mist wear sky blue light armor, due to their tendency to travel the seas. Of course there are exceptions to this, with many Battle Clerics of Mist choosing far heavier armor. These clerics, however, tend to revere her rebellious nature and respect for the ingenuity of people, spending less time with Mist’s beloved ocean.
  When not in armor, Mist’s clerics prefer light clothing of the same color, often flamboyant in cut. Clothes are generally designed to allow fluidity of movement for both themselves and the air around them.
  The morning star and flail are the preferred weapons of Mist’s followers. Clerics of Mist delight in their chaotic and unpredictable nature. These weapons are often enchanted with either lightning or cold, elements Mist herself makes frequent use of.
  Clergy and Temples:
  Temples of Mist tend to be situated near the ocean, open to the sea breeze where possible. Buildings appear light and delicate, but always contain hidden strength sufficient to withstand any unexpected storm. The whole interior is usually bathed in a subtle blue light, and visitors can always feel moisture and the tang of the sudden storm biting against their skin. Pools of water are common and are often found placed at seemingly random intervals throughout the complex, though many speculate that there is reason in such seemingly odd placements.
  The Clergy of Mist is ruled by the High Priestess, formally known as Tempest. Tempest, in sympathy with her deity, is normally female, though on the odd occasion a man has taken the title. Men do not survive long in the position, however, and it is generally considered a bad omen for a male to head the faith. It is the duty of the Tempest to oversee the church as a whole and to insure the growth of the faith. To this end, the Tempest appoints eight others, who are formally known as Tides. These Tides are expected to oversee day to day operations, and are generally the ones responsible for any decisions made. Only matters of extreme importance or contention are brought to the attention of the Tempest. (It should be noted that these titles stem from the roles played: Tides are constant and are always in effect, where as a Tempest is more infrequent but overpowering).
  Such a rigid structure would seem out of character for a group devoted to a goddess who espouses rebellion, yet it is not so odd when one considers the dynamic politics that are in constant motion among the faithful. Contention is rife, rivalries flare, and, more often than not, the Tempest does not leave office, but is overthrown. Most of these coups are bloodless, with wit and political maneuvering playing more of a role than brute strength.  Mist encourages such competition within the faith, enjoying the constant flux in leadership and the challenges that each of the Tempests must face.
  Clerics of Mist have no particular time of day to pray, though they do prefer to perform their devotions outdoors in high winds or rain if possible. Many Clerics of Mist have been known to actively seek storms to perform their devotions in. Though none of this is necessary, Mist finds it pleasing, and the clerics enjoy being close to their Mistress.
  Mist’s constellation, ‘Ladies of the Seas’, as it is called is oddly both erratic and stationary all the time. Puzzling many astrologists and clerics Mist’s eight star constellation has one of all of it’s eight stars pointing in a different direction, North, South, East, West, North East, South East, North West, and South West, and is known to most as the Heavenly Compass.  It has no real divine power other than in the words of the clerics of Mist, being “a blessing given to those of the sea by Lady Doom.” It is perhaps the greatest tool that a sailor can have. However, Mist would not be called Lady Doom if it was always useful. Supposedly, those who have fallen from Her graces can get misdirected and sail to their dooms when sailing with the aid of the Heavenly Compass.
  Many sailors have also told stories of Mist’s ‘Ladies of the Seas’ actually overlapping Shindaleria’s ‘Great Tide’ in what some say is a show of power in a great rivalry.
  Allies and Enemies:
  Allied: Ilsare, Corath 
  Friendly: Pyrtechon, Lucinda, Beryl, Xeen, Vierdri’ira
  Neutral: Dorand, Aeridin, Goran, Deliar, Aragen, Baraeon Ca'Duz, Az'atta, Folian S'pae, Prunilla, Grand
  Unfriendly: Branderback, Kithairien, Grannoch
  Enemy: Rofirein, Vorax, Shadon, Toran, Katia, Sulterio, Shindaleria