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Aliases: Lady Comfort, Lady of the Harvest   
Race: Halfling  
Alignment: CG  
Domains: Earth, Healing, Plant, Sun, Good  
Worshippers: Halfling (primarily female)  
Cleric Alignments: CG, NG, CN  
Domains: Earth, Healing, Plant, Sun  
Governs: Food, agriculture, hearth and home, marriage, family  
Planting and harvesting are an eternal cycle. As you nurture the land, plant crops and tend them to the best of your abilities. As you nurture the land, so the land will nurture your family. Family is the foundation of society.  
Clergy Favored Weapon and Clothing:  
Prunilla’s favored weapon is a modified farmer’s sickle with electrical enchantments. Her clerics, when anticipating battle, favor studded leather in brown and green. When no combat is expected, clerics of Prunialla are seen in more casual attire that often shares the earthy colors of their armor.  
Clergy and Temples:  
Temples are found underground or in the side of hills. They appear to be very small on the outside yet are very spacious, warm, and inviting on the inside. Clerics routinely offer small amounts of the harvest to Prunilla.  
Prayers for blessings are normally at the beginning and the end of the day, and often express gratitude for successful crops and healthy families. Clerics who devote their lives to the honor of Prunilla will only call upon her for guidance when necessary. Clerics of Prunilla often function as farming experts, teaching the peasantry about things like crop rotation and irrigation. Most also double as a village healer or midwife.  
Special tribute is given to Prunilla on Planting (the 15th day of Mar) and Harvest Day (the 15th day of Seplar).  
Prayers to Prunilla often center around healing and harvest:  
“Mother Prunilla, bless this field, that Earth and Sun may work together to make the harvest fruitful. “  
“Lady Comfort, please deliver your graces to this burdened soul. Heal him with your touch, so he may shine in your grace once more.”  
Lady Comfort’s constellation hovers quite near Deliar’s and is thought to take the shape of a weed. (Plain’s Exceptional by many “expert” halfling’s accounts) It is known as ‘Prunilla’s Gift’ for most Halflings believe that weed was placed on Layonara by Lady Comfort, as a gift to her kind. It is composed of eighteen stars and does not move across the sky; rather it rotates around Deliar’s constellation.  Few clerics of Prunilla actually pray to this constellation. Most would rather ‘talk’ to her while at work in the field, or at an altar as they offer some of their harvest to Lady Comfort. ‘Prunilla’s Gift’ does however have pinnacles of brightness, shining brightest the nights before and after Planting and Harvest Days.  
Allies and Enemies:  
Allied: Ilsare, Goran, Lucinda, Deliar  
Friendly: Aeridin, Katia, Kithairien, Shindaleria, Beryl, Folian S'pae, Grannoch   
Neutral: Az'atta  
Unfriendly: Rofirein, Vorax, Dorand, Toran, Mist, Aragen, Xeen   
Enemy: Pyrtechon, Shadon, Branderback, Corath, Baraeon Ca'Duz, Sulterio, Vierdri’ira, Grand