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Aliases: The All-Seeing, Lord Protector 
  Race: Dragon
  Alignment: LN
  Worshippers: Rofirein does not forsake any race, but he is predominantly worshipped by humans.
  Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, TN
  Domains: Strength, Protection, Knowledge, Magic Governs: Protection, guidance
  You are a paragon of virtue and honor. Dedicate your life to justice, honor, and the pursuit of knowledge. Hold the law above all else at any cost, even if this means bringing loved ones or friends to justice. Without the order of law, chaos would reign and the world would descend into dark times where Pyrtechon would thrive. Extend honor to all, even your foes. Aid others whenever and wherever possible, as long as it is in accordance with the law and does not make way for acts of evil.
  Clergy Favored Weapon and Clothing:
  Clerics of Rofirein favor swords, especially bastard swords, over bludgeoning weapons, believing that a sharp blade metes the swiftest and most painless justice. They are often seen in full plate armor, favoring it along with a large shield bearing the symbol of Rofirein. Any armor that provides maximum protection to the wearer is preferred, as defense of self is required before one can defend others.
  Clergy and Temples:
  The clergy of Rofirein have a distinct hierarchy, as would be expected by a church of law, and often work in close co-operation with the paladins of Toran.
  Temples of Rofirein are a mixture of grand and humble affairs, often doubling as local courts and houses of justice. All temples maintain a fair library that holds documents of law and other books of factual interest. The largest place of worship is the Cathedral of Rofirein in Pranzis, a magnificent edifice replete with the splendor and majesty of the Law. Each local temple is home to a High Priest, a number of local clerics, and serves as a temporary home for questing clerics. The High Priest of the Cathedral of Rofirein, as being High Priest of the most important place of worship of the faith, is the leader of the Church of Rofirein.
  The High Priest in a temple is often the oldest and wisest of clerics, rumored to be in frequent direct contact with the Great Wyrm himself. The local clerics are attached to one temple or church at a time and oversee the day-to-day tasks. They will never move far from their temples, except in times of crisis. This is in contrast to the questing clerics, as they are mobile, traveling the length and breadth of Layonara to provide protection to those that cannot protect themselves, bringing honor, justice, and chivalry wherever they go. They are often turned to when wisdom or a non-biased opinion is needed and can operate in a judiciary role if required.
  There is also a group of non-clergy; these lay followers of Rofirein are those who have not undergone the initiation into the clergy or paladinhood, and comprise all those employed for service by the temple itself. Stablehands, cooks, groundsmen, and the like all hope to serve Rofirein in a greater capacity someday.
  There are several ranks in the Rofireinite order:
  The first step of the path of Rofirein is that of the Initiate. All classes spend at least 4 years as an initiate, learning law and various others skills including basic combat, etiquette, diplomacy, honor, chivalry, and healing. On completion of this period of training, each soul is presented with a shield bearing the symbol of Rofirein by the high priest during an appropriate ceremony.
  After the ceremony, it is believed that Rofirein communicates his guidance on to a soul during a session of solitary prayer so that it may know the next step upon its path:
  Librarians/scribes/historians – These are predominantly mages and clerics who favor the pursuit and maintenance of documentation and official records, including the local census. These souls are also primarily responsible for all logistical matters of a temple.
  Guardians of Justice (Judges) – These are clerics that specialize in the law as passed down from the Great Wyrm himself. Judges are predominantly made up of the clerics who spend several years’ further study in all aspects of the law. These clerics are always attached to a local courthouse or place of law where guidance and wisdom is required.
  Guardians of the Wyrm (Temple Guards) – Most Temple Guards are drawn from the ranks of fighters, rangers, and paladins. These souls have dedicated their lives to protecting the temples and other sacred places of the Rofireinite faith. They spend many years perfecting their combat technique, with special emphasis on use of the tower shield and defensive tactics.
  Knights of the Wyrm (Questing Clerics) – Almost anyone can join the Knights of the Wurm, (though fighting classes comprise the majority) who have dedicated their lives to the defense of others through the use of sword and shield. Unlike the Guardians, they have no desire to be tied to one place, often establishing distant outposts and bringing the word of Rofirein to unknown lands. Besides further combat training, these clerics are also given additional training in healing and law and are taught to ride. These souls are the first to respond to a threat and are often called upon in times of need. (See also “Knights of the Wyrm” under Organizations).
  All clerics of Rofirein display a statue of a golden dragon as a focal point for worship and blessing. Many come to touch the statue of the great dragon to ask for guidance in difficult times. His clerics pray at least twice a day, both in the morning and in the evening. Their prayers are often straight and to the point when the path is already known. They often involve invoking particular aspects of a Great Wyrm like the strength of their claws or the protection of their scales.
  Rofirein’s constellation can be recognized immediately by looking into the sky. A group of gold and yellow stars make up a rough dragon’s head in silhouette form, mouth agape as if speaking to the heavens. This constellation is known as ‘The Gold’s Eye’, for the single eye showing in its head that looks down upon Layonara.  This constellation is unmoving and is ever pointing north. Once every twenty eight days, when Ausir reaches its peak in the night sky, Rofirein’s most devout pray to The All-Seeing as the great silver moon seems to feed the constellation with power, making it grow bright in the night sky.
  Allies and Enemies:
  Allied: Vorax, Dorand, Toran, Katia, Aragen 
  Friendly: Goran, Lucinda, Grannoch
  Neutral: Shindaleria, Beryl, Folian S'pae, Prunilla, Aeridin
  Unfriendly: Deliar, Ilsare, Shadon, Az'atta, Sulterio 
  Enemy: Pyrtechon, Branderback, Corath, Mist, Baraeon Ca'Duz, Kithairien, Xeen, Vierdri’ira, Grand