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Aliases: The All Watching, The Great Leader   
Race: Human  
Alignment: LG  
Worshippers: Humans, but often worshipped by half elves as well. Also has the occasional highly righteous, justice-seeking worshipper from other races such as dwarves and elves.  
Cleric Alignments: The vast majority are LG, although a few are LN. Rarely NG.  
Domains: Good, Protection, War  
Governs: Honor, truth, loyalty, duty, vigilance  
Protect the realms and rout injustice wherever you find it. Raise up the weak and empower them, so that they might see the strength of Toran. Seek out the servants of evil, most notably those who follow Corath and Pyrtechon, and bring them to justice.  
Be a shining example of goodness and righteousness by bringing order and safety to the lands. Your word is your bond.  
Clergy Favored Weapon and Clothing:  
The favored attire of the followers of Toran is shining full plate and the longsword. When not attired in their armor, they wear simple robes that are more functional than decorative. The holy symbol of the people of Toran is the ankh, which is generally worn around the neck and displayed openly at all times. The colors of the church are silver, blue, and gold.  
Clergy and Temples:  
Followers of Toran can roughly be divided into three categories: the general clergy, the Justicers, and the Paladins.  
The Justicers are followers of Toran well versed in the law (often taught to them by the most devoted of Rofirein’s followers). These Justicers are appointed by the Divine Court as executioners of punishments handed down by the Judges of the court. The Justicers are beyond reproach, the best of the best that the church of Toran has to offer. Justicers are often chosen from among the veteran ranks of the Paladins, although they have been known to come from other bodies as well. Justicers have responsibilities for districts, traveling from town to town to dispense the justice of the court. The righteous standing of a Justicer is such that they are entrusted to hear trivial matters of law during their travels so that they might keep such matters from bogging down the Divine Court. They are also empowered, in times of crisis, to take charge of local authority and militia to see that law and order are maintained or restored. As the Justicers are to Judges, so too are Paladins to Justicers.  
The Paladins belong to the arm of the church that carries out the rulings of the Justicers. It is their job to bring bloody retribution to evildoers. Should they find someone committing a crime, it is their duty to hold them for trial by a Justicer. Should a Justicer be unavailable to hear a case, and the crime not so severe that the Divine Court should become involved, then it is up to the Paladin to make his own moral decision and to ascertain that evil does not go unpunished. This punishment however, may not be death, for such a sentence is reserved for the domain of the High Court or a Justicer appointed by the Court. Despite the authority of a Paladin to detain evildoers, and in some cases mete judgement on them, Paladins do not hold power to assume authority over a region. Unlike Justicers, Paladins are not tied to any region. Instead, they are free to roam as their morals and faith dictates. It is the place of the Paladin to seek out and decimate evil and wrong-doing, rather than wait for it to be brought before them.  
A small sub-sect of the Church of Toran is the Order of the Undead Hunters. Although officially part of the Judiciary branch of the church, they are an authority unto themselves. The Order of Undead Hunters is made up mostly of Paladins, as they have the martial prowess needed to deal with the undead that many other clergy lack. Only the most devoted of priests ever joins the Order, as the prayers and skills necessary to become the bane of undead are potent indeed, and come at a high cost. The Order of the Undead Hunters is lead by a Paladin of Toran granted the title of “The Shining Hand.” The Shining Hand of Toran is personally chosen by his or her predecessor. The choice is absolute and undisputable, even by the chosen. In the unlikely event that the Shining Hand has not appointed a successor, the most senior member of the Order assumes the position. Upon ascending to the position of Shining Hand of Toran, the Paladin is presented to the Divine Court as such, so that he or she may be entered into the rolls. At this time, the Shining Hand is granted all the authority and powers of a Justicer, the only Justicer NOT appointed by the Divine Court. Further, the Shining Hand does not have a territory, nor does he serve the Divine Court. Instead, the Shining Hand is an authority unto himself, answering only to the High Priest of Toran and to Toran himself. In the event of a crisis that brings a Justicer and the Shining Hand together, the Shining Hand is the reigning authority.  
The temples of Toran are known the lands over as houses of safety and refuge. None in need shall ever be turned away. They are strongholds in their communities, ready to harbor any and all comers from encroaching evils. All Temples have at least one Paladin assigned to them. Some temples are also homes to Justicers. However, since there are so few Justicers, they are forced to travel throughout regions to hear cases and to make decisions. This means that every temple has a room prepared should a Justicer arrive unannounced, so that they may always have a place to lay for rest and to contemplate trying issues in solitude.  
‘Toran’s Light’ is unmoving. It glows eternally bright, the brightest single star in the sky. Though many astronomers do not consider it a constellation, most admit, it stands alone, with only Rofirein’s ‘The Gold’s Eye’ even close to it. One star, never moving, never dimming, it is all that Toran is and stands for.  Most Toranites, both Paladin and Cleric prefer to pray in a temple devoted to The Great Leader, rather than to his ‘constellation’, however they do note its significance in the occasional ritualistic prayer or while traveling.  
Allies and Enemies:  
Allied: Rofirein, Vorax   
Friendly: Dorand, Aeridin, Katia, Az'atta, Folian S'pae, Grannoch   
Neutral: Goran, Sulterio   
Unfriendly: Ilsare, Deliar, Lucinda, Aragen, Shindaleria, Beryl, Prunilla   Enemy: Pyrtechon, Shadon, Branderback, Corath, Mist, Baraeon Ca'Duz, Kithairien, Xeen, Vierdri’ira, Grand