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Aliases: Mistress of Pleasure and Pain   
Race: Human  
Alignment: CN  
Worshippers: Mostly humans  
Cleric Alignments: CG, TN, CN, CE  
Domains: Animal, Destruction, Plant, Water  
Governs: Pleasure, wine, love, insanity  
Life is to be lived to its fullest, in decadent sensual fulfilllment of the carnal desires of yourself and others. Pleasure is to be sought at every opportunity, even if it will eventually cause harm to you or others. Reason is for those who do not know how to savor life the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Infinite experiences await those who explore the world of pleasures, so try the new as well as savoring the old. Enjoy love when you can, for it shall not last long. Make wine and other gifts of Xeen and offer them to everyone, that they may enjoy the blissful taste and free themselves of their worldly cares.  
Clergy Favored Weapon and Clothing:  
Xeenites prefer the whip, a weapon that can in skilled hands be used for both great pain and great pleasure. Clerics of Xeen prefer either loose or tight-fitting clothing, depending on the situation. They prefer leather armor and clothing over metal. They always try to be dressed as seductively as possible to invoke feelings of pleasure in others. The color of what they wear doesn't matter, as long as it makes them look desirable.  
Clergy and Temples:  
The church of Xeen is casually organized, though they often work together to organize parties and celebrations for whatever cause. The clergy of Xeen often run festhalls in bigger cities that cater to all senses and include nearly every pleasure imaginable. Xeenites are also known for their skill in making great wine, and for this reason they can be often seen working for royalty and nobility.  
The festhalls are often considered temples of Xeen, and often serve as such since they are favorite gathering places of her worshippers. Smaller temples to Xeen exist also, but they aren't very numerous due to the clergy preferring to spend their time in the festhalls rather than some boring temple. Both the temples and the festhalls are beautifully decorated and nearly all of them contain a fountain of wine where people can gather around and enjoy the taste of the goddess' gift.  
Clerics of Xeen pray for spells in the morning after they wake up so that they may magically remove harmful effects from the previous night’s revelry and immediately begin preparing for another, more spectacular day and night of celebration. The clergy of Xeen spend most of their time celebrating and enjoying life, and they tend to make up holy days of Xeen whenever they want to have fun. This has led to no one exactly knowing what holy days exist, but they are more numerous than anyone could imagine.  
The only day of celebration that has a set date is the "Night of Flesh and Magic,” which is also known as Xeen's birthday. Xeenites celebrate this day together with Lucindites, for Lucinda is Xeen's mother. Followers of Corath, Xeen's father, aren't usually invited. The Night of Flesh and Magic is celebrated annually, but never on the same day. It's always the seventh day of a month, but every year it's one month later than it was the previous year. This is because Xeen wants to appear much younger than she really is, even though she doesn't age. 1368 the night was seventh of Oclar, 1369 seventh of Novlar, etc. The celebration begins at midnight between the sixth and the seventh day, and lasts for 24 hours.  
Prayers to Xeen can often be heard anywhere there is a celebration. An example of a prayer to bless wine: “Xeen, Mistress of Pleasure, bless this wine, that the people gathered here can enjoy the taste of your gift and find eternal joy in fleeting love and pleasure.”  
The constellation of Xeen goes by many names because it is not known exactly what the fifteen stared constellation it is supposed to look like. Those who say it is a whip call it ‘Xeen’s Pain’, others who think it’s a rope call it ‘Xeen’s Ensnarement’, still others who think it’s a vine call it ‘Xeen’s Gift’. Yet whatever the form, its name always contains the name Xeen in it out of her sheer vanity.  It is known to shine at it’s brightest during the ‘Night of Flesh and Magic’ at which time Xeenites are known to pray to their Goddess for a grand festival, and for her to bestow upon them heavenly pleasures.  Xeen’s constellation is also thought by the Clerics of Ludinda to work closely with the Lucinda’s ‘Eight Aligned’ though in what way, no one is sure.  
Allies and Enemies:  
Allied: Deliar, Lucinda, Mist   
Friendly: Ilsare, Branderback, Az'atta, Kithairien, Folian S'pae, Prunilla, Viedri’ira, Baraeon Ca’duz   
Neutral: Aeridin, Katia, Corath, Shindaleria, Beryl, Grand  
Unfriendly: Goran, Aragen, Grannoch  
Enemy: Rofirein, Pyrtechon, Vorax, Dorand, Shadon, Toran, Sulterio