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Rules and Regulations.

The cards are numbered 2 through 10 and other special cards exist in the deck.
An ace can be 1 or 11 and those with a face are worth 10.
Each is dealt two cards and one of the dealer's cards is hidden.
The goal is to reach 21 and the number 21 must not be exceeded.
The player has a choice and the choice is hit or stand.
A hit gives another card and standing will stay with the current total.
The choices are made until the player stops and exceeding 21 will also stop this game.
The dealer must hit with less than 17 and a 17 made with an ace must also be hit.
The player may split two like cards and for an additional bet the cards can be split into two hands.
The player may choose to double the bet and this bet can be doubled only on the first two cards.
A choice to double is a gamble and a double bet yields exactly one more card.
The bet is made before the game begins and the bet should be 100-500.

The wheel spins well and the ball will fall into a slot.
The slots are numbered 1-36 and the special numbers 0 and 00 are also available.
Some slots are colored red and other slots have black as the color.
The special 0 is green and green is the color of that other 00.
Some numbers are of course odd and some others would be even.
A bet can be made of even and one can also choose to bet on odd.
A bet can be made of red and one can also choose to bet on black.
These bets are paid 1 for 1 and the maximum bet is 500 gold.
One or more numbers can be bet and the maximum bet per number is 100 gold.
A lucky winner has his number come up and a winning number yields 35 for each gold bet.


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