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Drinks from the Bar..


[SIZE=13]Strong Ales:  [/SIZE][SIZE=13]Iron Hammer Bock: [/SIZE][SIZE=13]12gps[/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=13] HOUSE ALE  Dwarf's Head Ale: 75gps Dwarf Sledge Draft: 45gps [/SIZE]
[SIZE=13] Medium Ales:  Dark Dragon Pilsner: 50gps  Big Rock Bock: 75gps Cracked Skull Cream Ale: 45gps Black Knight Malt: 60gps[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13]Light Ales:  Green Forest Draft: 60gps Dead Orc Porter: 55gps Black Horse Ale: 55gps Red Crow Cream Ale: 55gps  Firewood Lager: 50gps  Broken Knuckle Beer: 60gpsAxe Head Amber: 45gps [/SIZE][SIZE=13]Wizards's Wheat Ale: 45gps[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13]Wine:  Xeenite Wine: 60gps  [/SIZE]
[SIZE=13]Spirits:  Tower Malt Liquor: 12gps HOUSE ALE Will-o-Whiskey: 65gps Cherry River Lambic: 60gps Silver Buckler Gin: 50gps Blue Sword Swill: 75gps Jumpin' Juniper Brau: 50gps[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13]Milk: 25gps Apple Juice: 25gps Blackberry Juice: 25gps Blueberry Juice: 35 gps Cherry Juice: 35 gps Cranberry Juice: 25 gps Eldarberry Juice: 25 gps Grape Juice: 25gps Juniper Berry Juice: 30gps Pear Juice: 25gps Raspberry Juice: 25gps[/SIZE]


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