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Games and Rules for Darts



All participants throw one dart.  The unmodified number (between one and twenty) is that player's number.

All players start with three lives.

Highest player number throws first.

Five darts are thrown per player's turn; if a player throws their number again, they become a "killer".

Once a player is a "killer", they may aim for other player's numbers.  Each successful hit removes one life from the player whose number was hit.

Once a player is out of lives, they are out of the game.  Last player standing wins!

Optional rule:  If a killer's number is hit, they may opt to rescind their killer status instead of losing a life, and return to trying to regain "killer".

Around the Sundial[/B]

Players each throw one dart; the highest number starts.

Each player throws three darts.  Scoring is done from 1-20 in order; the first player to hit each number once in order wins.  Numbers do not have to be hit consecutively.


Player one throws 3, 1, 6 - they have hit "1" and will try to hit "2" on their next turn.

Player two throws 1, 2, 9 - they have hit "1" and "2" and will try to hit "3" on their next turn.

Player three throws 5, 17, 11 - they will try to hit "1" on their next turn.[/FONT]

NOTE: A shorter version is trying to hit all the numbers but in no specific order.  This speeds things along while still enjoying a good game.

More games to be added as they are tested.[/SIZE]


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