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Pie Eating Contest rules


Pie Eating Contest!! Rules:
[*]There will be 3 rounds and 1 final round
[*]the fastest to eat three pies will win.
[*]Winner will be chosen at the end of each round.
[*]the 3 winners will go against each other for a prize of 5,000 gold and a nice trophy with th their name on it.
[/list]  It will be diced ran.. Each contestant will roll a fort, will save as well as a dex check for each pie eating.
[*]First pie will be Fort dc= 5 Will dc= 5 dex check
[*]second pie will be Fort dc= 10 Will dc= 10 dex check
[*]Third Pie will be Fort dc= 15 Will dc= 13 dex check
[/list]  Dex check will also be rolled after each pie that is eating the higher the roll the faster you have eaten the pie. All dex rolls will be added up at the end to determine the winner.

Chrys Ellis:
Xiao considers entering the pie eating contest, then decides founders should not be eligible....


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