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Andrew William Reid - Proprietor, entertainer, cook, bill payer, and brewmaster. Six-foot-six human male, shoulder-length black hair. Overly friendly and wont to sing without provocation.Elohanna (Elly) - Proprietor, cook, waitress, brewmistress, clinic healer, and dispenser of common sense. Petite elven female, long brown hair in waves. Friendly and caring but can and will put a stop to nonsense if necessary, especially Andrew's.Michael Theodosic Gilliam - General Manager, bartender. Six-foot blonde human male. Friendly, business-minded. Married with two young children.Elaina Gilliam - Michael's wife. Cook, waitress, occasionally breaks up fights and helps in the clinic. Six-foot-one, black skin, hair and eyes. Mother of Michael's two children, Tybalt and Thea.Edward Grant Gilliam - Tavern security, bartender. Younger brother of Michael, six-foot-four, blonde, muscular human male. Suspicious of strangers but friendly to known entities. Married to Mellicent, no children.Mellicent Gilliam (Mel) [/b]- Assistant ward security, occasionally helps with events. Five-seven, brown hair and eyes, whippet thin athletic build. Wife of Edward. Heloise (Helly) - Waitress, cook, and clinic nurse. Petite female human, curly golden brown hair. Very friendly and sweet natured but puts her foot down when needed. Married to Paddy with three children.Patrick Ennis Nyle Fagan (Paddy) - Special security and procurement. Slender, mid-height human male, brown hair, sharp eyes. Suspicious and people-shy but fiercely protective of those he trusts. Married to Heloise.Jetta Ravenlock - Former Chief of Security. Human female, black hair to thighs, brown eyes. Focused and mercenary.Tori - Current Chief of Security. Human female, middle height, slender, plain, brown hair. Does not stand out in a crowd. Prefers crossbow, quiet on her feet. Not given to excess chatting but when she has something to say, it's worth listening to.Melody Widgeweaver - Singing waitress. Gnome female, wears a big [strike]blue[/strike] [strike]red[/strike] [strike]black[/strike] white bow in her brown hair, friendly with a beautiful voice to entertain the customers. Father Xander - Head clinic healer. Aged Aeridinite elf with a remarkably youthful head of auburn hair, this patient man has a subtle sense of humor that blends with his no-nonsense attitude. He is not always in attendance as he rotates in and out of other places of healing. When he is at the Silver Buckle Clinic it is considered a sanctuary of Aeridin.Katelyn Poetr - Clinic healer. Human female, dark hair and bright blue eyes, small statue but strong willed. Caring and practical with a dry sense of humor.Sebair - Brewer and occasional bartender. Blood red hair, green eyes, of medium height and build, this flirtatious man has an eye for the ladies who visit the Buckle.Clarisse - Clinic assistant (when an adult is present), elven female. Young lady of around seventy, daughter of Elohanna, fiery red hair. "Buttercup" [/b]- Rodent and insect security, feline female. Butter-yellow fur. "Buttercup II" - Rodent and insect security, feline male. Butter-yellow fur. "Griff" - Rodent and insect security backup, white feline juvenile, son of Buttercup the First and...whomever she was catting around with."Ash" - Medium grey female feline, no relation to any other Buckle felines; rodent, insect, and shoelace security.


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