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Pen N Popper:


* This position pays 2000 coins per RL week plus any expenses.  
* You must overlap my playtimes and be able to meet me at least once per RL week (8am - 3pm GMT-4, Monday thru Friday).
* You must be able to produce images of fliers like above (this was done in paint and saved as a jpg).
* You must be able to utilize the in-game parchment system and know how to manipulate your notes directly in LORE.
* You must be able to send LORE bird letters.
* You will be expected to do things like write up 20 "coupons" to the Freelancer tavern and hand them out in Hlint.  Duties like this will result in commissions payable to yourself for coupons redeemed.
* You must want to RP as a scribe!  If you are a fighter looking for coin, forget it.  If you are a dwarf and just want the free ales, forget it!  Ideal PC would be an RPing bard that is willing to give this a go for a few RL weeks.  There is no level requirement.

Sound like fun?  It does to me too!  Hope to hear from some of you.  My PC can be found in Hlint when on West server.

Pen N Popper:
PS.  I can help you OOCly learn the game systems for parchment writing.

Pen N Popper:


* Pay per RL week raised to 3000 plus expenses.
* Additional coins may be earned through various tasks associated with the Freelancers.  The coupons mentioned earlier is an example.
* Any PC with an INT above 12 whose player complains about being poor on the forums will be severely beaten with a rolled up newspaper. :-)

mille mooneyes the map maker may be of use, she may take on this roll. will need to lolk into lore notes more and I'm dslxic so my grammer and spelling my be of after spell cheching. real world comitments my get in the way as well. other than that she dos get a round a bit so flying would be ok and it merns me doing stuff on my game down time which is ok to.

what do you think

Pen N Popper:
Have Mille find Pig ingame or PM me to arrange a meeting.  Wednesday I plan on having Pig at the tavern so send him a bird if that works for you (and anyone else interested).

Also, all of you potential scribes should look at: .  It is not complete but I will update it over the coming days.

Be sure to check the player event calendar here for upcoming events by your fellow players.  These folks put in lots of time to organize these for your entertainment.  The GM-granted XP may be lacking but who knows what you'll discover!


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