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A notice on the board labelled "Equipment Lia seeks"


((Decided to make a thread that I can update with new requests versus making a new thread every time.))

Lia pins a poster on the board:

Seeking a scroll of See Invisibility.  Please provide your name and where to locate you on this parchment if you have possession of such a scroll or are capable of creating it.

- Lia Di'Makiir

Hello Lia.
I can scribe this for you.

-Jebediah K.

Thank you for your prompt response Jebediah.

Recently I took a gander within the Angel's Guild Store and discovered that they improved upon their spell stock and through it I ameliorated my own spellbook.

I'm always looking for more spells if you wish to compare and trade or sell more spells.

-   Lia Diā€™Makiir


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