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Author Topic: Parchement are tacked to a few inn's on mistone (Cailomel's Gathering contracts)  (Read 3530 times)


Cailomel's Goods and wares is putting a contract out for the following items.

Box of Corn grain (36 unit) 1,080
Box of Barley grain 1,080
Box of Rye grain 1,080
Box of Wheat grain 1,080
Sand Bags 40/unit
Clay lumps 25/unit
Feldspar raw 40/unit
Fire Opals raw 240/unit
Amethyst raw 100/unit
Ginseng Roots 150/unit
Aloe 30/unit
Galic clove 50/unit
Comfrey Roots
Ginger Roots 50/unit
Greenstone 21/unit
Sapphire 240/unit
Purple Mushroom 50/unit
Gold nugget: 50/nugget
Silver nugget: 100/nugget
Platinum nugget: 100/nugget

All items will be paid in credit.
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//the payment chest that is by the drop off boxes is for purchases payments not for drop off payments :)