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Author Topic: A Small Sale at the Saddlebag Pawn (and looking to refill material chests)  (Read 836 times)


//A flyer in Center and Port Hempstead, written in fine handwriting//

A Sale of Surplus Items
In organizing our chests at the Saddlebag Pawn Shop, we've discovered more than two of many crafted items, despite the sign saying that we only accept two of each crafted item. Therefore, to create space in specific chests, and in our overflow storage, we are announcing:

20% off Sale of the Following Specific Items, for a limited time: (FIND THEM IN A LARGE CRATE IN THE FIRST ROOM ON THE RIGHT)

These Specific Bracers/Gloves: Dragonscale, Lesser Ogre Power, Concentration, Spellcraft, Swordplay, Discipline, Hin Fist +4, Austerity, Appraisal, and Gloves of the Lady

These Specific Helms: Bronze Helms, Iron Helms, Headband of Intellect +2, and Ale Goggles

All Scrolls of Level 6 and Under!

And we seek to refill these Chests of Materials:
chestnuts, almonds, pecans, rye, hazelnuts, corn, sage, wheat, purple mushrooms, spotted mushrooms, cherries, blackberries, rhubarb, blueberries, cranberries, elderberries, garlic, apples, pears, sugar, scullcap, birch bark, gum arabic, and witch hazel.

As we continue inventorying and organizing, we will announce further sales of surplus weaponry, armor, and other items.

~Riven Ring-Cleaver (stop by for a friendly chat!)
Saddlebag Pawn Shop
181 Port Hempstead Fields
The door is unlocked night and day. If you need help unloading or loading crates or bags then please ask the shopkeepers or guards for assistance.
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Adding Overstock to the SALE CHEST in the first room on the right:

20% off if paid for with Credit
50% off if paid for with True only (no credit)

Iron Great Axe of Ice, +1, +1d6 Cold, blue light (lv 11) for 7000 True (minus the above discount)
     (it's sat in the store for 30 years due to the unfortunate name carved on it!) (new this would be worth 9600 True)

Lord Defender Great Sword (+1, +3 vs. Monstrous, lv11) for 7000 True (minus the above discount)

bronze rapier
bronze light flail
iron mace
iron scimitar
light iron hammer
light iron flail
heavy iron flail
iron falchion

bronze scalemail
bronze splintmail

Iron Breastplate
Iron Scalemail
Iron Banded Mail

For prices, check the regular chests that house iron and bronze, and then deduct the discount.
Questions? Leave a note for Riven!
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