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Angels Guild is a brotherhood of crafters eager to help you with your adventuring needs.  Visit our well-supplied shop to browse and buy.  You may also leave word of your needs here or send a message to any member.Prices are competitive with other guilds, and bargaining is allowed with personal contact. Generous discounts are given for multiple purchases (10% for 2 items, 15% for 3, and 20% for four or more). If you provide all the materials needed for an item, it's half price. [Special note: All materials for half-price items must be presented at one time. We just don't have room to keep them separate and store them for you. If you ask though, we may be able to help by partially processing such items at no charge--smelting ore, making patterns from cotton, etc.]

We can craft your mithril without fail, and items made with our mithril and emeralds are still available. (No multiple purchase discount if our emerald or mithril is used.)//NOTE: We can't hear knocking and we don't keep regular hours, so feel free to send a message requesting help. If someone can't help you right away, a speedy appointment can be arranged.

Currently active members available to help you:  Daniel Benjamin Poetr //cbnicholson; Elohanna //Anamnesis ; Ferrit Pandorn //Serissa; Tralek Rivarmar //davidhoff; Vrebel //willhoff; Celador //Tobias; Sibbicai //silverblades; Quenton //swoop.

The following items are sometimes accepted as barter, but only when needed.  Do not leave them at the store without checking with a guild member.  Unneeded items may be donated to a good cause if not picked up promptly. 
//Updated 12/26/19.  Note that box prices are mostly invalid, now that many things take less space.
Alexandrites/Amethysts| 100|
Aloe, Comfrey, Thistle| 28|
Ancient dire bear, badger| 25|
Apple |60|
Barley |30||  Barley Flour |100|
Birchbark |40|
Blackberries |45|
Blueberries |50|
Bodak Teeth| 500|
Butter |210|
Clay| 25|
Cherries |50|
Coal| 50|
Corn | 30| needed now
Cornmeal| 65| needed now
Corn flour | 100|
Crag Cat skin|75|    needed now
Cranberries | 30|| Cranberry Juice |250|
Diamonds| 1000|
Dire bear hide| 200|
Dire boar, panther hide| 50|
Eggs| 140|
Elderberries |30|| Elderberry juice |250|
Emerald, raw |40,000|
Ettercap gland| 50|
Feldspar| 40|
Fire Opals| 250|
Garnet| 80|
Garlic, Ginger root| 56| Garlic needed now
Ginseng| 150|
Glass per ingot| 97| 1358(14 per box)| needed now
Grapes |45|
Graveyard dirt | 50 |
Greenstone dust| 7 |
Greenstone, raw | 28 |
Hazelnuts| 75|| hazelnut oil | 310|
Hickory Branch| 25|
Hickory Scroll| 20|
Honey| 50|
Juniper berries |30|
Knuckles| 10|
Lion skin| 75|
Mahogany branch| 200|
Mahogany scroll| 140|
Malar Hides| 1500|
Milk |100|
Molds, 1 Lump| 30|
Molds, 2 lumps| 60|
Molds, 3 lumps| 90|
Mushrooms, Purple, black or red | 50|
Nuts, except Hazelnuts |60|| oils |250|
Oak Branch| 50|
Oak Scroll| 40|
Panther | 75 |  needed now
Pear |60|
Peppermint | 70|
Raspberries |45|
Rye |57|;  rye flour |180|
Sage |57|
Salt |10|    needed now
Sand, per bag| 40| 560 (14 per box)| needed now
Sapphire| 250| 8750|
Skullcap| 66|
Spider silk| 100|; Thread |210|  needed now
Spotted Mushrooms| 115|
Topaz, raw | 100| 3500|
Wheat| 30|;  wheat flour |100|
White mushrooms| 10|
Witchhazel| 66|
Yew Branch| 1000|
Aventurine, Fire Agate, Malachite, Phenelope|10/raw stone|2.5/dust|

Copper|10 nugget|20 ingot|
Crystal Rod I - 500
Crystal Rod II - 1000
Crystal Rod III - 1500
Crystal Rod IV - 2500

Added to the natural resources needed at this time:
 Clay - 25 trues a lump in trade
 Dire Bear Skins - 500 each in trade
 Corn - 750 trues a box in trade
 Cornmeal - 1500 trues a box in trade

No more salt or knuckles, please.  Storage is full.

*A small folded parchment is slipped under the door to the Angels Guild Hall*

I am interested if you can provide a Mithril Kite Shield? You can leave a response with the Arms in Leringard, general delivery...

-Stygian Achnuman

Sorry, but we do not manufacture mithral items as of now. Nor do we have the required materials.



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