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Angels Guild Offering Coin for Vale Materials


The back door of the Angels Guild store is temporarily unlocked for the purpose of receiving and paying for materials for the rebuilding of Vale.  Go in the side door, then through the door on the right.  There is a double row of chests in the middle of the room, each labeled with the material needed, the price per item, and the number of items to be accepted.  Payment is in coin in each chest.
The chests are labeled as follows:

Clay for Vale 25 coins each, 100 maximum
Copper Ore for Vale 10 coins each, 37 maximum (2 chests)
Glass for Vale 97 coins each, 37 maximum
Gum Arabic for Vale 10 coins each, 100 maximum (2 chests)
Iron Ingots for Vale 75 coins each, 37 maximum
Mahogany Branches for Vale 200 coins each, 37 maximum
Oak Branches for Vale 50 coins each, 37 maximum (2 chests)
Oak Planks for Vale 120 coins each, 37 maximum
Sand (bags) for Vale 40 coins each, 37 maximum (2 chests)

Barley brings in some clay, glass ingots, and gum arabic.

Lia Drops off:

19 Glass

100 Gum Arabic

Takes appropriate amount of gold out of chests

We now have all the clay and gum arabic needed.  We are still accepting the other materials listed.  Thank you for your help.


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