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Author Topic: Are These Your Boots?  (Read 152 times)


Are These Your Boots?
« on: August 16, 2016, 01:44:09 pm »
A badly sketched impression of them graces a parchment in charcoal, looking like a pair of stockings. There are several arrows around them pointing to them, in case the viewer was in doubt about the subject, and around the arrows are question marks, in case anyone else doubted that she really wants to know. Below is a lengthy explanation scrawled and smeared in ink. You were an anonymous bidder at Charm's Auction that I outbid on some very nice stalking boots in order to make sure they were really the ones you wanted, borrowing you know, and anyway it was really rather exciting because I've never had enough gold to bid in an auction before, except no one ever told me who had actually wanted the boots and so I never found you in order to sell them back to you AND the purchase really rather beggared me and also if we are being perfectly honest the gold wasn't exactly mine to begin with, so it would be wondrous if the person who wanted Folian's Stalking Boots would come forward and reimburse me, because they are just far too large for me and anyhow footwear except footies makes me trip over everything. THANKS
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*Quenton raises a hand
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*Quenton raises a hand meekly* Um, I wasn't the anonymous one, but I remember bidding on them a bit. SO if you don't find the anonymous person I'd be interesting in them! *smiles a big grin* 



PS I have been asked about
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PS I have been asked about the nature of these stalking boots, so to be brief the story as I recall it was that some absolutely balls for brains shoemaker ranger person (whoever heard of such a thing, honestly, some people) with more devotion than sense made a bunch of weirdly rigid boots and told everybody the Pathfinder would make up for it and reward them by blessing them with even stealthier than REAL stalking boots, whether because he was very faithy and preaching or maybe because he wasn't a terribly good cobbler after all and tried to get Folian to cover his bills or something, anyway. 
SO I guess Folian was deep in his cups for practically ever because all his champion stalkers were clunking around in these ridiculous boots and he cried a lot because how could people be so dumb, so when he was really drunk he decided actually who even cares and made them all stealthy after all, so now they are Folian's Special Stalking Boots even though he is really rather embarrassed about the whole thing. Also, if you really pay attention to them they will help you feel changes in the ground around you so you can't get snuck up on either by invisible critters OR other rangers, even if they are ALSO wearing Folian's Special Stalking Boots.
PPS does not help much with flying creatures, much sadness will result
PPPS also not very helpful if you are currently hurling through the air, recommend keeping feet on ground for maximum sensing potential