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Author Topic: Aspiring Alchemist looking to practice.  (Read 8 times)


Aspiring Alchemist looking to practice.
« on: January 27, 2009, 08:39:31 pm »
Are you in need of a potion? Well I am looking to practice those things.

If you bring me the ingredients I need to make the potions you need, you can keep what ever potions I produce from what you bring me, no charge.

Potions of fox cunning: I am a bit better than half the time.
2 graveyards dirt
1 Chamomile flower
4 Pecans

Potion of owl's wisdom: I am rather still struggling with this one as I succeed just a bit over thee times out of ten.
3 Owl's feathers
1 Pecan
4 Chestnuts

Potion of Cat's grace: I am getting rather good at making those one's. I am at a success rate of seven out of ten.
1 Catnip leaf
8 Elderberries
1 Almond

Potions of Bull's strength: Again this is a potion that is starting to be easy for me to do as I am just over seven out of ten success rate.
1 Hawthorn flower
8 Cranberries
2 dust of Aventurine

Potion of Eagle's splendor: This is one of the hard potions for me to make. My success rate barely goes over three out of ten attempts.
3 Witch hazel leaves
4 Hazelnut
2 Clover leaves.

Potion of Ironguts: This potion is almost trivial for me to make.
2 dusts of Malachite
8 Cranberries
2 dusts of Aventurine

Potion of Lore: Again this potion is almost too easy for me to make freely, but practice is practice.
1 Sage leaf
1 Chamomile flower
4 Pecans

Potion of lesser restoration: Tired of being poisoned or feeling debilitated by your foes? This is the potion for you. I need some practice with this one as my success is only half of the time.
3 dusts of Amethyst
2 dusts of Phenalope
1 Chestnut

Potion of Bark: Do you love the feeling of the rugged tree bark on your skin? let me make those potions for you, with a success rate of seven out of ten times.
1 Birch Bark
1 Hazelnut
2 dusts of Fire Agate

Potions of Cure light wounds:
Do you wish to be able to cure yourself or your traveling partners from the little scratches they have? I have the solution here for you. This one is almost trivial for me to do. The day I can do it blindfolded, a foot in my mouth and my hands tied in my back. I will ask half of the lowest price any temple are selling them. Just because I think it is important to take care of the persons around us.
1 Garlic Clove
2 dusts of Greenstone
1 Aloe

Potions of Cure moderate wounds: My success rate of this potions is a bit higher than five out of ten tries. But yet again, the day I succeed these potions with ease, I will ask for half of the lowest price offered by any temple.
2 Comfrey Roots
4 dusts of Greenstone
2 Aloe

You have need of an item or potion that is not in my list? Please come to me so we can discuss what you need and see what I can do for you.

Disclaimer.: Until all the process of making one potion is trivial to me, I will not guarantee a full success rate. Some of the essences needed to make a potion may be harder to produce than the potion it self.

Once a potion is completely trivial for me to make. I will ask for a monetary price or a donation to a temple of Folian. As money for me has little value, when nature can provide all that you need.

You can send me a bird to arrange a meeting when ever.

May the long strider give you all plentiful hunts.
Fehriel Cailomel
*A wolf print is drawn under his name*