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Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)

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219450T of credit thus far
Dropped off 15 ingot of titanium @1000T = 15000T

New credit 234450T

/Markyl Hufvudsson\

Alpoah Norr Kutiz'Arminhaff stomps into the shop. "Ar more! Where Ar more?!" She quickly realises the shopkeeper is out. "Well I'll just have a wee look round all the same." she thinks to herself. "I really need to learn more of the common tongue. I must sound like a bloody ogre to them. Now. where's that armour?" She eventually comes across just what she is looking for, in a suit of armour that bolsters courage against dark magic. Trying it on, she looks around to be sure no one is about and does a little turn in front of the mirror. "Oh! That's quite fetching that is!" She leaves 3222 true for Rerilmathiel Ilphukiir's half plate.

Bought Friado Bren's Belt - 10455T (75% of original lense)
Paid 10455T


Bought an Acid enhancement IV and a Titanium enhancement IV
Titanium IV =  17450T
Also placed a fine emerald to the chest where I picked up an acid enhancement IV and deposided a downpayment of 10000T

Let me know the price for an acid enhancement IV rod ?

/Markyl Hufvudsson\

Bought: 3x Lion Bag @ 4578T
Paid 13734T



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