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Earn cash for growing garlic
« on: December 09, 2016, 11:26:05 am »
The Angels Guild is offering an upfront cash payment of 150 trues per expected box for persons willing to undertake the effort of growing garlic and a cash payment of 2,000 trues per box upon delivery of the product.We need persons who own or have access to suitable property for planting and who are willing to commit to time spent gathering the bulbs needed for planting, then planting, weeding, protecting and harvesting the crop.  A very large amount of garlic is needed to help produce a cure for the plague currently affecting Liwich, but the crop must be put in quickly to have time to grow before winter.To get approximately 4 pounds of garlic bulbs (about a box), one would need to plant about 30 individual cloves 8 inches apart in a 20 foot row (or four 5 foot rows also 8 inches apart).  There are about 10 to 15 cloves of garlic in a bulb, so each 20 foot row would require about 3 bulbs worth of garlic.  Good drainage is essential, and fertile loamy soil is preferred.  Weeding is very necessary.  The crop is ready for harvest when the tops begin to yellow.  If planting late, as we are, the season may be prolonged somewhat with a light hay mulch in the fall.//Anyone interested would need to gather 3 bulbs of garlic for each plot of land to be planted, donate it to Liwich Relief, and show a guild member the donation slip to receive the initial payment of 150 trues per 3 bulbs.  Donation box available in the public part of the Angels guild hall in the Tribute to Allurial section of Hempstead.  You may pm or post here to get a meeting time.//Forum RP over the time period of the necessary work from planting thru harvesting would be required.  Upon approval of the harvest, we would pay 2000 trues per "box", taking the original donation slips.  Upon our surrender of the accumulated planting slips, the correct amount of garlic would be credited to Liwich Relief by a DM.
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I'm going to try my hand at
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I'm going to try my hand at it.  I figure there's enough room to grow 3 boxes worth of garlic right around my home in Krandor.  May not be as pretty as flowers, but I'll bet it will keep pests away.  Plus, once I get soil turned and the cloves planted, Kyle can help keep an eye on it.  He doesn't get out much any more, but that will give him something to do.