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Enzo's Bow Shop

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*Glenn looks through the shop*

Can you tell me about the boots, belts, and bags? *He asks of the shop keeper*

Guardian 452:

*the clerk begins explaining the features of the 4 bags he has on display*

Cougar ((20% weight reduction))

Crag ((40% weight reduction))

Lion ((60% weight reduction))

Malar ((80% weight reduction))

((NONE of these have level requirements... well they do, but you don't equip bags so the LvL req. isn't an issue.))

(((Each bag is 7 small squares across by 5 small squares down, that's a total of 35 squares. Thats how much stuff you can fit in them, nothing more)))

*the clerk says* "Now Malar as you can see is the best, and the most difficult to assemble, also The Malar Panther has been completly eradicated on the continents of Mistone and Rilara, one must travel to Dregar or Xantril to find them. With all that said the Malar bags are rather expensive and will take a longer amount of time to make."

*the clerk then draws your attention to a rack of fine belts he picks them up one by one and explains their features*

Belt of the Tiger - +2 Perform (Exceptional can be made on a 20)

Belt of the Crag Cat - + 2 Use Magic Device (Exceptional can be made on a 20)

Belt of Cunning -  +1 Wis, +1 Hide, +1 Search (Exceptional can be made on a 20)

Archers Edge Belt - AC +1 (deflection), Entropic Shield (lvl5) 1/day ((20% chance of ranged attacks missing you)) (Exceptional can be made on a 20)

*the clerk then draws your attention to a shelf full of boots*

Cougar Boots - +1 saving throws Mind affecting (Exceptional can be made on a 20)

Boots of the Boar -

Boots of the Tiger - +2 saving throws Reflex, +4 Tumble, 60% weight reduced

Boots of the Arachnea - Immune to Web

*the clerk then draws your attention to a display of gloves*

Gloves of the Badger -

Gloves of the Bat -

Lion Leather Gloves -

Gloves of Mischeif - -2 Wisdom, +4 Disable Trap, Open Lock, Set Trap, ***Rogue & Assasin only***

Gloves of the Tiger -

Gloves of Fury - +1 Str, +1 Parry, +1 Taunt  (Exceptional can be made on a 20)

// more stuff to come stay tuned

These are fine bags indeed *says Glenn* Can you tell me how much a bag can hold and what are the prices? as well could you tell me what the archers belt does? and price too. *Glenn looks at the boots* what does the weight reduction do? *he askes*

//what are the level reqs?

Is this shop still around?  and what is it's location or is it " virtual".


     A young man in a strangely light blue and brown set of studded leaters, wearing  a burnt orange cloak approaches the clerk after looking around the shoppe.
    "Pardon, sir," he addresses the clerk, but I might wonder if you would have the prices of the items you show here? I am interested in both the Belt and Boots of the Tiger you show here, and those sets of Black and Brown Bear Studded Leather do so interest me."
    After a slight pause the young man smiles and continues, "and I am eyeing the Oak and Oak Hunter Bows I see over there, magnificent craftsmenship, if I do say so. Might you have them in 'Mighty +2?"


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