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Title: Extra Items for sale...
Post by: RaDDaD on May 15, 2005, 10:35:00 am
Hello, names Rothnor and I have some equipment I no longer use and some crafted Items priced to sell...

Black Leather Armor +3 Concentration 200 coins

Lion Leather Armor +1 AC +1 Will +3 Tumble 4500 coins

Bronze Scale Mail 5% Dam Immun. +3 Concentration 3500 coins

Bronze Tower Shield +1 vs Bludgen +1 vs Piercing Level 5 1200 coins

Iron Short Sword +2 Electrical Dam with Electrical Effect.. 7000 coins

Aventurine in Copper ring +1 vs elec. 250 coins

4 Greenstone in Copper rings +1 vs poison 450 coins each

Exceptional Phenalope in copper +1 vs cold 800 coins

Wand of Lightning Bolt with 5 charges level 8 3200 coins

2 wands of Electric jolt 10 charges 700 coins each

Malachite in Copper ring +1 vs disease 400 coins

Cougar Bags 1800 coins each

Misc. gem dust contact me for type and amount on hand

I am usually around Hlint you can stop me on the streets or send a bird with a note...I am needing a good supply of amethyst and would be willing to make trades...

Rothnor Bartious