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Author Topic: FOR SALE: Skeleton Knuckles  (Read 105 times)


FOR SALE: Skeleton Knuckles
« on: July 05, 2015, 06:59:23 am »
*A small note is attached to the notice board*

1 box of skeleton knuckles

Please contact Zantil Dale with an offer. He is 3 feet tall, black hair with a moustache and brown eyes. Normally wearing red clothes.

*A rather crude drawn portrait is attached the the note*

Also seeking a gem crafter to help me gather some malachite. In exchange for your services, I will give any gem polishing oils I produce from the malachite dust we aquire. 


*Small note attached under
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*Small note attached under the orignal note*

To Zantil Dale,


I will buy the skeleton knuckles from you and assist you with your collection of the mineral. I will look for you in Center.


Thank you,






*Zantil plucks down the note
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*Zantil plucks down the note and hops and claps with excitement as he reads it*