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Harvester For Hire
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:56:51 pm »
*scribbles on a small page of paper in common, handwriting isn't great but you don't have to strain to hard to figure out what has been written. Posted at several taverns around Milstone*Harvester Fer HireDo ye need craftable, but dont have de time to pick dem or collect dem yeself? Can't be bother lookin' in de woods fer hours trying to find de one rasberry plant? Den look no furder cus Oi be willin' to do it fer ye! Willing to negotiate price!Right now oi collect-Cotton-Wheat-Barley-Unprepared Flatbottom pipeweed-licorice-bees wax-honey-falcon feathers-sugar cane stak-rice-raseberriesOi also be willing to collect ye wood or sand if dey price be right, or anything else you may need dat be safe fer a younger adventurer!*simply signed Finn*
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*A note penned in fine script
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*A note penned in fine script is pinned to his notice*

I find myself in need of some eggs. I will pay 2,500 True for a box.


*looks at the note pinned to
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*looks at the note pinned to the original*

*nods his head* Eggs....mmhmm oi best be gettin' to work......



Correction in your favor
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Correction in your favor 4,000 True.

- S.A.

*tacks on another note to
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*tacks on another note to reply*


Oi got ye un box of dey spider venom sacks, oi am still werkin' on dem eggs, but when ever ye want de venom sacks oi be willin' to make a trade.

*signed simply Finn*

*squeezes in on the last
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*squeezes in on the last note*

Oi got dey eggs too!



I'll meet you at the Harpy in
« Reply #6 on: September 08, 2015, 06:26:12 pm »

I'll meet you at the Harpy in Fort Vehl at "such and such date and time."


//PM me when you think you are going to be available for this. :-)



Hmmm. *she looks at the post
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Hmmm. *she looks at the post and writes below it*

My dear young adventurer,

I understand you're a harvester for hire, yet I didn't see a price the sand. Please let me know your fee as I am looking for a large amount of sand bags to purchase. Also, would you be able to mine for coal? I am currently staying in Center for a few days. It is the best location to reach me. We can discuss further in person as I may have other items that'll interest you more than shiny coins.



// When I say a lot, I mean... a LOT!  Let me know when you're available to meet. If not, you can drop the items off at my house in Lor once we've come to an agreement.



*she adds*I could also use a
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*she adds*

I could also use a box of corn oil and corn meal. Thank you.

*leaves a note in crude
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*leaves a note in crude handwriting*

Me norm is 40 true per bag of sand, but oi be willin' to give discount on bulk or trade fer tings.  Do ye know how much sand ye be needin'?




*she noted*I'll need as much
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*she noted*

I'll need as much as you can bring back from the desert.





// 20 lion bags (or
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// 20 lion bags (or whichever kind of bags you use to hold your items) filled sand. So, a lot please. Thank you.

*tacks another note up*Oi got
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*tacks another note up*

Oi got ye a box of corn oil and corn meal. Oi also got a whole ox load of sand so we should werk out a drop off soon.