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Kitchen-Phobic Bowmaker Seeks Sandpaper


// Small Note Tacked Up in the Craft Hall in Center //

Kitchen-Phobic Would-Be Bowmaker Seeks Sandpaper

Hickory and Oak to start with.
Name your price!

(that charismatic elf who just tied the bootlaces together on a sleeping dwarf by the campfire)

Ke' Koa:
KeKoa pulls down the note. 

Sends a bird with the following:

Ysh -
I can provide you with the sandpaper you desire.  But...   now that my boots are untied, we can talk about price.  Don't be shocked at the deal...


Ysheera sends a bird to Ke'koa:

"Master dwarf! I thank you for your offer, however I did end up conquering my fear of the kitchen and learning how to craft hickory and oak sandpaper. I will call upon you if that fear resurfaces! Until then, I look forward to meeting you again....when you are dozing by the fire at Center."


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