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Leringard Arms Inn - Bron leaves a note for Steel


// Bron enters and peruses the two display cases of goods for sale. Surprised to see a Greater Swordsman Belt, he heads to the bank and returns with coin. He takes the belt, while placing coin and a note inside the "Business Transactions" chest.//

Steel - I, Bron, of Crimson Company and of Cailomel's, wish to purchase the Greater Swordsman Belt. I'm leaving 75% of Lens price in the chest: that's 21,093 True. If that not be acceptable, contact me at Cailomel's or the Crimson Company Guildhouse in Haven. ye have my thanks! ~Bron

After bumping into Bron at Saddlebag where he was purchasing clay, Riven learned of an item he's been interested in. He heads to Leringard Arms, and leaves 20,000 True and a note for Steel:

Greetings Steel! I see you are selling a red ioun stone. Let me know if 75% of lens is a fair price, as I don't know what these sell for! I'll gladly pay what you ask. 75% of lens would be 16,125. I'm leaving 20,000. ~Riven Ring-Cleaver of Saddlebag Pawn

// I heard from Milty that these are not for sale, so pretend this didn't happen! I'll return the items //


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