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Looking For A Teacher
« on: September 29, 2015, 04:42:45 pm »
*you see a very neat piece of white paper hanging up in a few of the inns around Center. The handwriting is very neat, the script flows maybe not so much as an elf would but close.*Greetings,I am Ceviran Thangahat'azllah and I am seeking other Aerdinites, Undead Slayers, or anyone who has vast knowledge of the Undead. I have come to this area to train at the Krandor hospital. However, as I have discovered recently that there is dark magic around this area. That the undead are here, and I believe that I can be a light in the dark. I want to try to cleanse these land of the undead. I am seeking a teacher, so one who has great knowledge of the undead. Someone who could teach me thier strength and their weaknesses. I am not rich in true, but I would be willing to try and pay or trade for lessons about the vial creatures. If you are interested please leave word for me at the hospital at Krandor.-Ceviran,Safe Travels and may the Light always shine.
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neatly scripted letter
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neatly scripted letter addressed to Krandor Hospital,


I am no undead slayer, but I am willing to offer my blade in aid of your cause.  Send word to Center if you wish my help.

Jo Poetr, 5th of the Siphe Army(semi retired).


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