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Mage's Blade Resource Exchange (Buying Resources!) - 142 Krandor


Looking for easy gold? Help a crafter develop his skills by gathering resources in exchange for gold.The terms are simple. Bring in a full crate, 36 items, of a resource, and you get the gold that's been left in the chest. Chests are located at 142 Krandor, right next door to the smithy. Then leave a note here saying you completed collecting that resource, so others don't accidentally gather the same ingredient.Need space to store your resources while you gather the rest? Feel free to store part of an order in the crates while you gather the rest, just please have the order filled within 5 days of the first resource being put in the crate. And once you put the first of a resource in the crate, leave a note here saying you're in the progress of filling that order. It's your gold once you fill the crate, nobody else can sneak in and fill the order while you're halfway done!Lists of what resources are being sought after will be posted as I have time. Before gathering, be sure to check the most recent post from me to see what is being bought, and make sure nobody has filled the order since that post!Happy gathering, all!~Garadel Kamek

Currently Purchasing!Box of White Mushrooms - 500 trueBox of Raw Malachite - 700 trueBox of Raw Greenstone - 750 trueBox of Garlic - 1,000 trueBox of Clay - 1,000 true~Garadel Kamek 

Currently Purchasing:

Box of Sand - 1,500 True
Box of Sand - 1,500 True
Box of Hickory Branches - 1,300 True
Box of Clay - 1,300 True
Box of Copper Ore - 1,500 True
Box of Tin Ore - 1,500 True

Stop by 142 Krandor with a box //36 items// of any of these to collect the true, first door on the right!

Bron stops by with 36 sand, and a note,
"good journeying with ye to Lin!"

Bron stops by, drops 36 clay in the chest, and picks up the coin.


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