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Author Topic: Magical Bracers for Sale  (Read 8 times)

Shrowd Umbra

Magical Bracers for Sale
« on: February 25, 2009, 02:36:37 pm »
For Sale! One set of the legendary Bracers of the Scout, a must for those whom seek sure escape when the battle has turned.

These bracers were made for the ancient order known only as The Scouts, protectors of the True Line of Kings. Unlike the Gloves of the Scouts, these bracers will fortify your defense against blows and hurl magical darkness once per day. Thrice it can cast camouflage upon the user before all charges are spent making this item a must have for rangers, rouges, and anyone whom finds themselves alone against dire odds.

The piece of Layonara's history is available for 3,700 truthes or the best offer. For sale only because I wield a pair of my own already. Delivered to the location of choice, within good reason.

~Shrowd of Silkwood