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Request to Adventurers
« on: June 10, 2024, 11:31:43 pm »

Adventurers of Layonara

As you may have heard by now, Audria in the Kingdom of Sedera is under siege by as yet unknown army of fiery creatures to a purpose that is also unknown

While as the time of this notice, the shipping lanes remain open, the flow of supplies to the city is severely hampered and a prolonged siege will lead to suffering of the people of Audria

I intend to send aid in the form of food, basic clothing and supplies by ship at the earliest point possible that aforementioned supplies can be assembled.

I ask that you consider contributing to this shipment.  Grains, produce such as fruits, nuts and berries, meats suitable for salting and preserving as well as juices and healing supplies are needed.

That roll of light bandages or stack of light potions  might not mean much to you , but to an injured Sederian it could mean life.  Thicker bandages even more.

Plain robes, cloaks and boots are welcome as are blankets(cloth padding)

The donation crates of 108 Port Hempshire have been cleared to make room for any and all donations

I ask that you refrain from bringing items such as loaves of bread or pies as they will not transport well.
Roasts can be broken down and salted.

Salt and sugar are also needed

Let us rally to the aid of Audria

Katrien Hommel -  Queen Kayana Foundation Guild.
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Re: Request to Adventurers
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Riven hastily gathers supplies and brings them to Port Hempstead. Having trouble finding 108 Port Hempstead, he stumbles upon 106 Port Hempstead, with Katrien's name on it, and sure enough - donation bins are within.

He leaves a note with his preliminary donation from the Saddlebag Pawn Shop:

300 grain
150 flour
42 sliced salted roast boar
35 sliced salted roast deer
99 salt
99 sugar
about 100 berries
99 light bandages.
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