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// Bron is seen pounding a stout oak post and bulletin board into the ground in Center//
// Carved and burnt into the wood are the following words: //

Trade and Market Board
Post what you seek and how to find you. [/b]

// Bron pins a parchment to the board //

Seeking 50 quartz crystals - freshly mined, unwashed, not bought from a store.
50 True paid for each.
Drop off in the "Barter 1" chest in the hall of the Crimson Company Guildhouse.
186 Haven


Seeking Vestments of Faith.
Have coin, will pay!
~Riven Ring-Cleaver, of the Saddlebag Pawn Shop

I have such a cape for you, Riven.
Seek me out.


Bron posts a crudely writen notice:

I, Bron of Cailomel and Crimson Company, seek a Greater Swordsman Belt. If you have one for sale, leave a note for me at Cailomel's or at the Crimson Company Guildhouse in Haven.

And, posting for a friend who is still learning the trade tongue:
Isbjorn is offering sand and clay at 40 True each. Leave a note for me and I'll let him know.
He's a stout old barefooted dwarf with very tanned skin and white hair, dressed in bear fur, named Isbjorn.


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