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Author Topic: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for transactions)  (Read 11382 times)


A poster at the Saddlebag Pawn Shop:

Greetings and Welcome to the Saddlebag Pawn!



(unless the price is not listed in this poster)

You have our thanks,
~Riven, Calylith, Tinpin



UNPRICED ITEMS: Any items that we have not priced, are temporarily valued at 25% off the lens price. Once we inspect the item we reserve the right to re-price the item, add that price to our list, and give you the option of canceling the transaction or abiding by the new price.

TINY WEAPONS: dagger, katar, kukri, sai
SMALL WEAPONS: goad, handaxe, kama, light hammer, light pick, nunchaku, sickle, wheel
MEDIUM WEAPONS: bastard sword, battleaxe, heavy mace, heavy pick, katana, light flail, longsword, mace, mercurial longsword, Morningstar, rapier, scimitar, shortsword, trident, warhammer.
LARGE WEAPONS: dire mace, falchion, greataxe, greatsword, halberd, heavy flail, maul, scythe, mercurial greatsword
DOUBLE-SIDED WEAPONS: dire mace, double axe, two-bladed scimitar, two-bladed sword
Bronze Tiny (& Spear)     300  
Bronze Small   450  
Bronze Medium   600
Bronze Large   800
Bronze Double-Sided & Dwarven Waraxe   1000
Bronze Bullets x25  375
Bronze Darts x25  250
Bronze Shuriken x25 500
Bronze Throwing Axes x25  1125
Bronze Longsword Final Blessing   2500
Iron Tiny  (& Spear)   600
Iron Small    900
Iron Medium   1200
Iron Large   1600
Iron Double-Sided & Dwarven Waraxe   2000
Iron Bullets x25    750
Iron Darts x25   500
Iron Shuriken x25   1000
Iron Throwing Axes x25     2250
Iron Greatsword Death's Edge   5000
Iron Greatsword Giantslayer   5000
Iron Greatsword (Unique – 1d4 electrical, 1d4 undead)   5000
Iron Longsword (Unique – 1d4 cold)   4000
Iron Longsword Slasher    4000
Iron Shortsword Justice   5000
Adamantium Tiny (& Spear)   4000
Adamantium Small    5000
Adamantium Medium   6000
Adamantium Large   7000
Adamantium Double-Sided & Dwarven Waraxe   7000
Adamantium Bullets x25   3000
Adamantium Bullets x25 & Darts x25   3000
Adamantium Shuriken x25   9000
Adamantium Throwing Axes x25   10000
Mithril Tiny Bullets   55,000
Mithril Tiny Dagger   45,000
Mithril Tiny Katar   55,000
Mithril Tiny Kukri   45,000
Mithril Tiny Shuriken x25   55,000
Mithril Tiny Sai   45,000
Mithril Small Darts x25   45,000
Mithril Small Goad   55,000
Mithril Small Handaxe   55,000
Mithril Small Kama   55,000
Mithril Small Light Hammer   55,000
Mithril Small Light Pick   55,000
Mithril Small Nunchaku   45,000
Mithril Small Sickle   45,000
Mithril Small Throwing Axe x25   65,000
Mithril Small Wheel   60,000
Mithril Medium Bastard Sword   75,000
Mithril Medium Battleaxe   70,000
Mithril Medium Dwarven War Axe   90,000
Mithril Medium Heavy Mace   70,000
Mithril Medium Heavy Pick   75,000
Mithril Medium Katana   55,000
Mithril Medium Light Flail   75,000
Mithril Medium Longsword   75,000
Mithril Medium Mace   60,000
Mithril Medium Mercurial Longsword   75,000
Mithril Medium Morningstar   60,000
Mithril Medium Rapier   70,000
Mithril Medium Scimitar   60,000
Mithril Medium Shortsword   60,000
Mithril Medium Trident   60,000
Mithril Medium Warhammer   70,000
Mithril Large Dire Mace    75,000
Mithril Large Double Axe    75,000
Mithril Large Double Bladed Scimitar    75,000
Mithril Large Falchion   70,000
Mithril Large Greataxe   75,000
Mithril Large Greatsword   75,000
Mithril Large Halberd   60,000
Mithril Large Heavy Flail   70,000
Mithril Large Maul   75,000
Mithril Large Scythe    55,000
Mithril Large Mercurial Greatsword    75,000
Mithril Large Two-Bladed Sword    75,000
Mithril Large Spear   50,000
Asp Flail   5000
Blade of the Dragonslayer    55000
Bloodfall Longsword   2500
Breath of the Maiden Shortsword    4000
Coward's Blade Shortsword    1250
Ebon Dire Mace    4000
Frindahl's Battle Cleaver    7000
Hammer of Justice    4500
Krotan's Skull Crusher Dire Mace [drop]   5000
Last Defense Greatsword    2500
One of Many Morningstar   2500
Peasant Dynasty Kama   3000
Orcish Bane of the Elf    10000
Orcish Dwarf Razor    10000
Snake Fang Dagger   1250
Swashbuckler's Sabre rapier    2500
Lion Whip   1750
Lion Sling   750
Malar Whip   8000
Malar Sling   6500
Bloody Lash Whip [drop]   2500
Adler Whip [drop]   2500
Oak Club   800
Oak Quarterstaff   1250
Oak Spear   1500
Oak Shortbow   1500
Oak Longbow   1750
Oak Light Crossbow   1500
Oak Heavy Crossbow   1750
Oak Compound Shortbow   5500
Oak Compound Longbow    5500
Oak Longbow of the Hunter   6500
Oak Shortbow of the Hunter    6000
Oak Bow of Close range   8000
Mahogany Club    2500
Mahogany Quarterstaff    5000
Mahogany Spear    5250
Mahogany Shortbow    5000
Mahogany Longbow    7000
Mahogany Light Crossbow    5000
Mahogany Heavy Crossbow   7000
Mahogany Compound Shortbow    10,000
Mahogany Compound Longbow    12,000
Yew Club    40,000
Yew Quarterstaff    50,000
Yew Spear    50,000
Yew Shortbow    50,000
Yew Longbow   60,000
Yew Light Crossbow    50,000
Yew Heavy Crossbow    60,000
Yew Hunter Bow    100,000
Yew Compound Bow    100,000
Mighty Bow Components +1   6,000
Mighty Bow Components +2   12,000
Mighty Bow Components +3   24,000
Club of Bloodiness   25,000
Gnomish Repeating Crossbow    35,000
Staff of the Badger   4000
Staff of the Sun    16,000
Walking Stick of the Hierophant [drop]   1,500
Hickory Arrows Bronze Tipped 500ct   400
Hickory Arrows Iron Tipped 500ct   600
Oak Arrows Copper tipped 500ct   750
Oak Arrows Bronze tipped 500ct   1000
Oak Arrows Iron tipped 500ct   1250
Oak Arrows Platinum tipped 500ct   TBD
Oak Arrows Silver tipped 500ct   TBD
Oak Arrows Adamantium tipped 500ct   TBD
Mahogany Arrows Copper tipped 500ct   1500
Mahogany Arrows Bronze tipped 500ct   2000
Mahogany Arrows Iron tipped 500ct   2500
Mahogany Arrows Platinum tipped 500ct   TBD
Mahogany Arrows Silver tipped 500ct   TBD
Mahogany Arrows Adamantium tipped 500ct   TBD
Oak Shield Small   2400
Oak Shield Large   2800
Oak Shield Tower   3200
Mahogany Shield Small   10,000
Mahogany Shield Large   11,000
Mahogany Shield Tower   12,000
Yew Shield Small   TBD
Yew Shield Large   TBD
Yew Shield Tower   TBD
Bronze Small or Buckler shield   200
Bronze Large or Star shield   500
Bronze Kite or Heater shield   800
Bronze Tower shield   900
Iron Small or Buckler shield   1000
Iron Large or Star shield   1250
Iron Kite or Heater shield   1500
Iron Tower shield   1750
Adamantium Small or Buckler shield   5000
Adamantium Large or Star shield   6000
Adamantium Kite or Heater shield   7000
Adamantium Tower shield   8000
Bronze Chain Shirt   750
Bronze Scale Mail   750
Bronze Chainmail   875
Bronze Banded   875
Bronze Splint   1000
Bronze Half plate   1000
Bronze Full plate   1250
Iron Chain shirt   1500
Iron Scale mail   1500
Iron Chainmail   1750
Iron Banded   1750
Iron Splint mail   2000
Iron Half plate   2000
Iron Full plate   2500
Platinum Chain shirt   3000
Platinum Scale mail   3000
Platinum Chainmail   3500
Platinum Banded   3500
Platinum Splint mail   4000
Platinum Half plate   4000
Platinum Full plate   5000
Adamantium Chain shirt   7000
Adamantium Scale mail   7000
Adamantium Chainmail   8000
Adamantium Banded   8000
Adamantium Splint mail   9000
Adamantium Half plate   9000
Adamantium Full plate   11,000
Cobalt Chain shirt   10,000
Cobalt Scale mail   10,000
Cobalt Chainmail   11,500
Cobalt Banded   11,500
Cobalt Splint mail   13,000
Cobalt Half plate   13,000
Cobalt Full plate   14,500
+3 Metal Armors (drops)   Prices as Cobalt
Armor of the Old Guard    20,000
Bracers of the Scouts    1000
Crocodile Armor    800
Dragonskin Buckler    8000
Bronze Helm   250
Iron Helm   500
Platinum Helm   1000
Adamantium Helm   4000
Cobalt Helm   5500
Dreamers Mask   4500
Helm of the Guard   13,500
Noisemaker Helm    700
Black Bear   800
Cougar   1000
Wolf   1000
Jaguar   1200
Worg   1600
Brown Bear   1400
Leopard   1400
Lion   1400
White Stag   1600
Crag   2000
Panther   2000
Polar Bear   2300
Grizzly Bear   2500
Dire Wolf   7000
Malar   8500
Dire Bear   9250
Dire Tiger   10,000
Hill Hound   7000
Black Bear   1000
Cougar   1200
Wolf   1200
Jaguar   1400
Worg   1900
Brown Bear   1700
Leopard   1700
Lion   1700
White Stag   2000
Crag   2400
Panther   2400
Polar Bear   2750
Grizzly Bear   4200
Dire Wolf   8400
Malar   10,000
Dire Bear   11,000
Dire Tiger   12,000
Hill Hound   8500
+3 Leather Armor (drops)   8000
+3 Hide or Studded Leather Armor (drops)   9500
Leather of the Ogre   9000
Crocodile Armor    800
Dragonskin Buckler    8000
Silk Padded Armor   800
Dark Silk Armor   1200
Dark Padded Armor   1250
Bebelith Silk Armor   5000
Bebelith Dark Armor   12,000
Bebelith Padded Armor   TBD
Queen Silk Armor   12,000
Queen Dark Armor   17,000
Queen Bebelith Armor   17,000
Queen Padded Armor   22,500
Iron Reinforced Clothing   1800
Platinum Reinforced Clothing   2800
Adamantium Reinforced Clothing   7000
Cobalt Reinforced Clothing   9200
Mithril Reinforced Clothing   40,000
Lesser Monk Armor   1200
Normal Monk Armor   5500
Greater Monk Armor   12,000
Lesser Mage Robes   2750
Normal Mage Robes   5500
Greater Mage Robes   9000
Lesser Rogue Armor   1400
Normal Rogue Armor   5500
Greater Rogue Armor   9200
Noble Suit of Comfort   6800
Robes of Acid    500
Robes of Fire    500
Robes of Lightning    500
Robes of Sparks    250
Royal Ball Gown   7400
Circlet of Confidence   9000
Cloth Hood   50
Hood of Shadows   5500
Leather Hood   50
Silk Hood   1000
(exceptional items are twice the listed price)   
Cape of the North   2500
Cape of the Panther   2000
Cloak of Az'atta [drop]   2500
Cloak of Mysteries   4500
Cloak of Protection +1, enhanced    2500
Cloak of Protection +2 [drop]   5000
Cloak of the Watchers [drop]   2000
Darkened Unicorn Cloak[drop]   10,000
Glorious Mantle [drop]   3000
Lesser Cape of Az'atta [drop]   1000
(exceptional items are twice the listed price)   
Archers Edge   2300
Enhanced Archers Edge   3700
Belt of Acquisition [drop]   2000
Belt of the Battle Mage   45,000
Belt of the Crag Cat   1300
Belt of Cunning   2750
Belt of the Tiger   900
Element Ejector Belt U-43 [drop]   1200
Utility Belt [drop]   4000
(exceptional items are twice the listed price)   
Gloves of Animal Handling [drop]   250
Gloves of Appraisal [drop]   250
Gloves of the Badger   250
Gloves of the Bat   250
Gloves of Concentration [drop]   250
Gloves of Discipline [drop]   250
Gloves of Mischief   1800
Gloves of the Scouts [drop]   3000
Gloves of Spellcraft [drop]   250
Gloves of Swordcraft [drop]   250
Gloves of the Tiger   2750
Gloves of Fury   2000
Lesser Gauntlets of Ogre Power   1500
Lich Claws   7400
Lion Leather   1400
Malar Leather   4500
Dire Bear Leather   6000
Mirrored Bracers [drop]   7500
(exceptional items are twice the listed price, except for exc. Boots of the cougar 2500)   
Alaamiathela's Slippers [drop]   8000
Ascenders March [drop]   4000
Blue Suede Shoes [drop]   4000
Boots of Arachnea   2500
Boots of the Boar   500
Boots of the Cougar   500
Boots of Hardiness +1 [drop]   4000
Boots of the Militia [drop]   4000
Boots of the Sun Soul +1   2500
Boots of the Sun Soul +2   9,000
Boots of the Sun Soul +3   TBD
Boots of Reflexes +2 [drop]   600
Boots of Striding +1 [drop]   1600
Boots of the Tiger   1500
Exceptional Boots of the Cougar    2500
Fezeeaka's Slippers of Alertness [drop]   3500
Jaldrix's Boots of Vivacity [drop]   3500
Shoes of the Swift   5000
Stone's Boots of Protection [drop]   3500
Swan Boots [drop]   5000
Cougar Bag   900
Crag Bag   2000
Lion Bag   4500
Malar Bag   23,000
Lesser Ability Rings (+1)   1750
Lesser Ability Amulets (+1)   2100
Moderate Ability Rings (+2)   5500
Moderate Ability Amulets (+2)   6000
Greater Ability Rings (+3)   70,000
Greater Ability Amulets (+3)   75,000
Lesser Ring of Wizardry, Sorcery, Divinity, or Natural Splendor   2000
Intermediate Ring of Wizardry, Sorcery, Divinity, or Natural Splendor   3000
Greater Ring of Wizardry, Sorcery, Divinity, or Natural Splendor   4500
(Note: Saddlebag only accepts the jewelry listed below)   
(Amulets are priced 20% higher than Rings in this Category)   
Copper Ring Exceptional Alexandrite   1000
Copper Ring Exceptional Topaz   1000
Copper Ring Exceptional Greenstone   1000
Copper Ring Exceptional Garnet   1250
Bronze Ring Alexandrite   700
Bronze Ring Exceptional alexandrite   1250
Bronze Ring Topaz   700
Bronze Ring Exceptional topaz   1250
Bronze Ring Sapphire   700
Bronze Ring Fire Opal   900
Bronze Ring Diamond   3500
Platinum Ring Greenstone   750
Platinum Ring Malachite   750
Platinum Ring Fire Agate   750
Platinum Ring Aventurine   750
Platinum Ring Phenalope   1000
Platinum Ring Amethyst   1250
Platinum Ring Exceptional Amethyst   9000
Platinum Ring Feldspar   1500
Platinum Ring Exceptional Feldspar   8000
Platinum Ring Garnet   1500
Platinum Ring Exceptional garnet   7500
Silver Ring Alexandrite   1750
Silver Ring Topaz   1750
Silver Ring Sapphire   2000
Silver Ring Fire Opal   3250
Silver Ring Exceptional Fire Opal   10,000
Silver Ring Diamond   5000
Adamantium Ring Greenstone   5000
Adamantium Ring Malachite   5000
Adamantium Ring Fire Agate    6500
Adamantium Ring Aventurine   6500
Adamantium Ring Phenalope    6500
Adamantium Ring Amethyst   6500
Adamantium Ring Feldspar    10,000
Adamantium Ring Garnet   10,000
Prayer Beads   1500
Barkskin Amulet I   2500
Barkskin Amulet II   9000
Dorand's Helper ring    100
Designer ring   100
Crow Feather Necklace   600
Talisman of the Defenders   2500
Lesser Elemental Enhancement   2000
Moderate Elemental Enhancement   3000
Intermediate Elemental Enhancement   8000
Greater Elemental Enhancement   12,000
Visual Effect: Cold, fire, electrical   500
Visual Effect: Holy   1000
Visual Effect: Evil   1000
Visual Effect: Sonic   750
Lesser Silver Enchantment   3000
Moderate Silver Enchantment   4500
Intermediate Silver Enchantment   7000
Greater Silver Enchantment   16,000
Moderate Elem. Resistance (5): Cold, Fire and Lightning   3000
Greater Elem. Resistance (10): Cold, Fire and Lightning   6000
0 Level Wands   175
1st Level Wands   500
2nd Level Wands   750
3rd Level Wands   1750
4th Level Wands   3000
5th Level Wands   5000
Raise Dead Scroll   9,000
1st Circle Scroll   250
2nd Circle Scroll   350
3rd Circle Scroll   650
4th Circle Scroll   1500
5th Circle Scroll   3500
6th Circle Scroll   7000
7th Circle Scroll   20,000
8th Circle Scroll   30,000
9th Circle Scroll   40,000
Star Dusts – price these the same as the spells on scrolls   
Dust of Appearance (per bag)   450
Dust of Disappearance (per bag)   450
Gnomish lenses   6000

Hickory/Copper Chimes (Pan Pipes)   100
Hickory/Copper Tambourine   150
Hickory/Copper Mandolin   150
Hickory/Copper Guitar   200
Hickory/Copper Bow for Violin   100
Hickory/Copper Violin   500
Hickory/Copper Harp   200
Hickory/Copper Fey Horn    2000
Oak/Bronze Chimes (Pan Pipes)   250
Oak/Bronze Tamborine   300
Oak/Bronze Mandolin   300
Oak/Bronze Guitar   500
Oak/Bronze Bow for Violin   2000
Oak/Bronze Violin   2000
Oak/Bronze Harp   500
Oak/Bronze Horn of the North    3500
Mahogany/Gold Chimes (Pan Pipes)   750
Mahogany/Gold Tamborine   1000
Mahogany/Gold Mandolin   1000
Mahogany/Gold Guitar   1500
Mahogany/Gold Bow for Violin   750
Mahogany/Gold Violin   4500
Mahogany/Gold Harp   1500
Mahogany/Gold Horn of Sounding    5500
Yew/Platinum Chimes (Pan Pipes)   2000
Yew/Platinum Tamborine   2750
Yew/Platinum Mandolin   3500
Yew/Platinum Guitar   5500
Yew/Platinum Bow for Violin   2000
Yew/Platinum Violin   9000
Yew/Platinum Harp   3500
Yew/Platinum Horn of Abysmal Sounding    9000
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Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2011, 12:24:04 am »
Tinpin, looking sheepish, sits down with Riven to decipher the past accounts.

"Looks like there's a bit of cleaning up to do, eh Tinpin?"

"Aye, sir. Begging your pardon, but we had an infestation of rats, and I was busy for some time cleaning up the inn. I"m ashamed to say I have a...thing...about rats.  I hope when we move it will be clean and tight, sir."

Riven just smiles and keeps working on the figures in the ledger.


Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2011, 06:32:15 pm »
Saddlebag Pawn has Moved!

We are now located at 181 Haven.  This location is only temporary until we can get the final things to move to Port Hempstead fields, but in the meantime please come visit us in Haven.

Our prices are posted, but they are also can now be found in the store.  The prices can either be found on scrolls in the proper chest or written on the outside of the chest.  For example if a chest is labeled "Sage 57" Then the credit price or purchase price for that sage is 57 trues.

With that said, we are now taking CNR as well as normal pawn shop things.

Please keep in mind that we don't have room for lots of the same items, so please do not add an item to the chest if we already have two of that item.

Just either post on our logs if you do a transaction with us or send one of us a PM.  Just like before, drop 10% of your total transaction in the chest on your way out the door.

We look forward to seeing you at the new shop!


The Staff
Riven, Calylith, and Breanna

P.S. If you find that we are missing something that you would find useful to buy (meaning a chest for it to be placed), let me know and we'll get one.  ~~Caly


Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2011, 07:12:38 pm »
Mari MacMurray drops off two spells - grease and identify - for five hundred credit.  She notes she is looking for an oak shortbow and an iron shield, bigger the better.

Lance Stargazer

Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2011, 11:10:56 pm »
*A young female attaired on a read cloak, smiles as she enters the room, Skimming around the shop she notices several wares on the chests and make some notes . she finally approaches the halfling in charge and opens a bag *

Greetings mister .

I am Robyn of Vale, merchant and traveler, i have some items that might fall into your intrests, *She then presents some items and name the pricing according to the policies  *

1 x Belt of Eluding           3282
1 x Brawler's belt            2500
1 x Summon creature 1     250
1 x Summon creature 2     350

*he carries one finger to her mouth and speaks with some curiosity *  I do think that the price for the credit now is About 6382 trues. Correct me if wrong please.*Smiling disarmlingly*

1 .- I took the braler's belt from the previous list price since was set as an exception. please let me know if the price is adecuate.

2 .- On the belt of eluding the lens price is 13128, I set 25% of that as the policies says , if wrong please correct me.

3 .- I am using an NPC to do the deals here, The transaction will be done in name of Robyn of Vale, oocly the character who is behind this is Aesthir Stargazer.


Lance Stargazer

Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2011, 01:12:32 am »
*The sound of a humming steam and the metallic sound of a red haired odd looking human is seen as he enters the pawnshop with a huge box *

Er.. Greetings . this is the new pawnshop isn't it?  *once he recieves an afirmative answer he smiles and goes towards the area of the recipes and magical research*

I might be intrested in skimming on your recipes, I am willing to exchange some recipes, ive done great deal of research and there might be something i could find useful.  **he goes skimming and delivers a big notebook with plenty of recipes for other wizards or engineers to study taking some for him *

*After some time and showing what is what he is intrested in he smiles*  So i take that after that I still have a good credit for 37000  trues with you right?  *he smiles at himself having so much virtual money*

Once this is done he proceeds to deposit the 4135 trues on the 10% chest *

Scrolls left and total on credit
1|Continual Flame|650
2|Displacement | 650
3|Owls wisdom |350
4|Death Armor |350
5|Combust | 350
6|Cat's Grace x2 |700
7|Negative energy burst | 650
8|Clariaudience/Clarividency | 650
9|Blindness/Deafness x2 | 700
10|Confusion| 650
11|Remove Blindness/Deafness| 650
12|Evard Black Tentacles | 1500
13|Bestow Curse|1500
15|Cone of cold|3500
16|Mind fog|3500
17|Ethereal Visage | 3500
18|Greater spell Breach|7000
19|Finger of Death|20000|
Total|| 78350[/TABLE]

Scrolls taken and total
1|Gust of Wind|650
2|Ultravision |350
3|Eagle Splendor|350
4|Moraken Disjunction | 40000
Total|| 41350

// I put the scrolls up to get the 2 per item on the shelves, Armand had more scrolls on his person, but since he put all that the store needs up to 2 per item he didn't got more than to fullfill this need.  
"Blank scrolls" scrolls because of the 0-3 is full



Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
« Reply #6 on: November 23, 2011, 09:08:08 am »
Thank you to the three of you.  Transactions are logged and the credit is waiting.  I'll go set down another chest for low level scrolls to make a place for all these trades.



Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
« Reply #7 on: November 23, 2011, 12:08:01 pm »
Dear Owners of the Saddlebag Pawn Shop,

I wish to report that I have bought 6 minerals of Alexandrite at 33T and deposited 198T in total.

Priestess Raelyn Blair


Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
« Reply #8 on: November 23, 2011, 12:25:59 pm »
*Maren enters an deposits some items*


Scrolls of:

Cats Grace
Cure Light Wounds
Bestow Curse

Potion of Lore
8x Corn
1x Comphrey

Total Donated: 2885
Previous Credit: 1190
Total Current Credit: 4075

*He speaks with Tinpin to ensure his accounting is correct and leaves*


Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
« Reply #9 on: November 23, 2011, 01:20:51 pm »
Miss Raelyn,

It is 33 for a dust or 100 for a stone.  I'm sorry it wasn't writeen clearly enough.  As you got actual stones, the total should be 600 trues unless you dropped off some form of credit.

Thank you for your business,



Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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-two cherries (114)

-six sage (342)

-two star dusts of Toran (3000)

-thirty-six silk (2052)

-five lion skins (375)

-six mahogany branches (1200)


-scroll of identify (250)

-fourteen aloe (406)

-thirty-one garlic (620)

-star dust of katia (350)

-star dust of xeen (250)

-206 greenstone dusts (1442)

-exceptional ring of charisma I (3500)

-minor trap (20)

-average trap (50)

My previous credit came to 750, I believe, with a star dust of Deliar and a hickory pipe left previously.  Combined this leaves: 7083 - 6888 - 750 = credit of 555.

Owe 709 gold.


Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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Miss Calylith,

I am terribly sorry that I misunderstood your pricing, and that I overlooked the values. I have with the best of intentions hopefully made things right.

As well as leaving some credit to avoid future mistakes.

Again please accept my humblest apologies.

Items Donated

19 x Corn Kernels (22each)

13 x Milk (100)

Circle One Scrolls
2 x Cure Light Wounds Scroll (250each)
1 x Summon Creature I Scroll (250 each)
1 x Bless Scroll (250)
1 x Endure Elements Scroll (250)

Circle Two Scrolls
1 x Bulls Strength Scrolls (350)
1 x Summon Creature II Scrolls (350)

Circle Three Scrolls
1 x Find Traps (650)

1 x Walking Stick of the Hierophant (1500)

Previous Debt:
Donated Items:
Total Current Credit:

Additional Items Added after:

1 x Aloe Leaf (29)
1 x Comfrey Leaf (29)
4 x Ginseng Root (57)
Total Additional Donated: 286

Quote from: Alazira
Miss Raelyn,

It is 33 for a dust or 100 for a stone.  I'm sorry it wasn't writeen clearly enough.  As you got actual stones, the total should be 600 trues unless you dropped off some form of credit.

Thank you for your business,



Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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In cramped script.

Took two traps (med and ave) and one lesser lockpicks (80), Blue Suede Shoes (4000), three potions of lore (1440), designer ring (100), seven scrolls of bulls strength (2450), four potions of cure light (32), two crafted wand of camouflage (1000) = 9102

Left oak shortbow (1500), scroll of summon creature I (250), ten dark silk (670) = 2420

Previous credit of 7466; 9102 - 7466 - 2420 = credit of 784.  

Paid 910 True.

-Ty R-D


Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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Brennan walks around among the chests looking for stuff he can use...

3 lvl 2 scrolls (1050 true)
2 star dusts of Aragen (lvl 3) (1300 true)
500 bronze tipped oak stirge arrows (1000 true)
1000 copper tipped oak stirge arrows (1500 true)
6 spider silk (342 true)

Belt of Cunning (2750 true)
Boots of Reflexes +2 (600 true)
Ring of Owls +1 (1750)

Credit: 5192 - 2750 - 600 - 1750 = 92 true

Donated 510 true


Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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Priestess Raelyn Blair

Previous history
Previous Credit: 5702
New Transactions
Item Bought:
1 x Oak Shortbow (1500)

New Total Current Credit
: 4202

Fian Bearsark

Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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To Whom it may concern,

Good day to you. My name is Drawna Eldreal of the Pranzis Eldreals and I would love to employ your services to manufacture me a suit of Panther Leather armor. I have left my measurements with your shopkeep.

Additionally, I would like to trade in my current Lion leather armor towards the purchase of above mentioned custom armor. It would seem from your prices that I will owe you a difference of 600 true which I will gladly pay upon receipt of the item. (Panther 2000 minus Lion 1400 = 600). I am delighted to make contact with you and await breathlessly your finely-crafted work.

Ms. Eldreal


Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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Picked up 20 Iron Nuggets as per our recent barter and subsequent verbal agreement, Miss Caly.
 With regards,
 Lemont Blair


Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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Ms. Eldreal,

We don't normally take special orders as most of us don't craft, but I managed to get my hands on a set of that armor for you.  I placed it in the guest room in the "overflow" chest so that it wouldn't sell before you could get there.  Pick it up and do the transaction at your liesure.  Thank you for the business.


Fian Bearsark

Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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Thank you so much for your special consideration and prompt service. I will recommend you to all my friends and associates. I will pick up the armor today.



Re: UPDATED - SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for tr
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You are very welcome.  Hope it serves you well.