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SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES (Please post here for transactions)

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Lance Stargazer:
*The sound of a humming steam and the metallic sound of a red haired odd looking human is seen as he enters the pawnshop with a huge box *

Er.. Greetings . this is the new pawnshop isn't it?  *once he recieves an afirmative answer he smiles and goes towards the area of the recipes and magical research*

I might be intrested in skimming on your recipes, I am willing to exchange some recipes, ive done great deal of research and there might be something i could find useful.  **he goes skimming and delivers a big notebook with plenty of recipes for other wizards or engineers to study taking some for him *

*After some time and showing what is what he is intrested in he smiles*  So i take that after that I still have a good credit for 37000  trues with you right?  *he smiles at himself having so much virtual money*

Once this is done he proceeds to deposit the 4135 trues on the 10% chest *

Scrolls left and total on credit
1|Continual Flame|650
2|Displacement | 650
3|Owls wisdom |350
4|Death Armor |350
5|Combust | 350
6|Cat's Grace x2 |700
7|Negative energy burst | 650
8|Clariaudience/Clarividency | 650
9|Blindness/Deafness x2 | 700
10|Confusion| 650
11|Remove Blindness/Deafness| 650
12|Evard Black Tentacles | 1500
13|Bestow Curse|1500
15|Cone of cold|3500
16|Mind fog|3500
17|Ethereal Visage | 3500
18|Greater spell Breach|7000
19|Finger of Death|20000|
Total|| 78350[/TABLE]

Scrolls taken and total
1|Gust of Wind|650
2|Ultravision |350
3|Eagle Splendor|350
4|Moraken Disjunction | 40000
Total|| 41350

// I put the scrolls up to get the 2 per item on the shelves, Armand had more scrolls on his person, but since he put all that the store needs up to 2 per item he didn't got more than to fullfill this need.  
"Blank scrolls" scrolls because of the 0-3 is full


Thank you to the three of you.  Transactions are logged and the credit is waiting.  I'll go set down another chest for low level scrolls to make a place for all these trades.


Dear Owners of the Saddlebag Pawn Shop,

I wish to report that I have bought 6 minerals of Alexandrite at 33T and deposited 198T in total.

Priestess Raelyn Blair

*Maren enters an deposits some items*


Scrolls of:

Cats Grace
Cure Light Wounds
Bestow Curse

Potion of Lore
8x Corn
1x Comphrey

Total Donated: 2885
Previous Credit: 1190
Total Current Credit: 4075

*He speaks with Tinpin to ensure his accounting is correct and leaves*

Miss Raelyn,

It is 33 for a dust or 100 for a stone.  I'm sorry it wasn't writeen clearly enough.  As you got actual stones, the total should be 600 trues unless you dropped off some form of credit.

Thank you for your business,



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