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Author Topic: WANTED: a place outside of cities where I can craft.  (Read 658 times)


WANTED: a place outside of cities where I can craft.
« on: June 28, 2024, 01:11:49 pm »
a muddy paw print on some parchment
** sorry my character does not speak or write common **
I would like a place in a more natural area, where I can attempt crafting.  I am considered by many to be a monster, due to my race, and I have nothing but peaceful intent.  I am generally ok with animals due to my training, but would prefer an area where I am not assaulted by the sights and sounds of civilization.

~~Aziza Deertracker, Wemic Druid
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Re: WANTED: a place outside of cities where I can craft.
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2024, 10:37:29 am »
//// completely OOC answer here: There aren't any truly outdoor crafting spaces, but there are a few places outside of cities, and there are a few options where a wemic would be accepted to craft.

First, both Center and North Point are settlements that would be accommodating and even accepting of a wemic among the population. Center is an amalgamation of all kinds of sentient species, and though individuals within the population may dislike or fear a wemic, your wemic wouldn't be ousted just for being a wemic.  North Point is a bastion of Aeridin and generally very accepting of anyone who presents themselves peacefully, especially those close to nature. Of course, your wemic would need to board a ship to reach North Point, and that may be another point of contention until your wemic has enough adventuring buddies who can vouch for Aziza.

Second, the locations outside of cities are generally focused on magic-related crafts, but they include the mage towers- there is one outside Falls Forest on Alindor on the way to Bydell castle, another off the path to Prantz from Castle Mask, and the last one being Moraken's tower outside Hlint.

The advanced craft halls are all in major cities, but by the time Aziza needs them, hopefully she has worked her way into reading and writing a language as well as garnered enough reputation to be accepted in the city. ////
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