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Author Topic: ** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **  (Read 138 times)


** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **
« on: April 11, 2008, 05:36:53 pm »
* The title draws you neared to the parchment that have been sat up on the most common places of worship in the lands and major inns. *

Cleric of Beryl Voon Loom have passed away this Sunra, Junar 1, 1431. He was carried by Kobal Bluntaxe on his shield, and followed suit by the very people He to the end protected with his death.

His deeds will be remembered, and his sacrifice to his beliefs and the city of Stone. Stone a city that were rebuild from being under the occupation of Bloodstones forces, with pure determination because of Voon's unselfish donations and tireless efforts. This city will be he resting place in his death. He leaves his only family, his brother Boon.

I urge everyone that have known him, to write here to celebrate a new chapter in his life, a place where he can do as much good, as he did here on Layonara with us, his friends.

Rest in Piece old friend.

*signed by A Friend *


Re: ** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2008, 05:55:11 pm »
*reads the note as its posted in the rofirein temple in Vehl. she sighs and starts to write a reply*

Temple of Beryl;

Its with great sadness we received this news, and on behalf of the Clerical staff from the temple of rofirein, we wanna express our depest sympathies.

On a personal note, i will miss him dearly. He was one of my colleges within our guild and on behalf of the guild i wanna express our sympathies too. Not only to your temple but also to his brother Boon. His deeds and generosity will never be forgotten.

May he be by Beryls side.

And may his wings even protect him there

Serissa Windword


Re: ** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **
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Shiff sighs reading the notice, before whispering a prayer to the Deep Mother, and heading to the nearest Crafthall to make a ring in his honor.

Pen N Popper

Re: ** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2008, 08:20:12 pm »
*Bumblebee digs out an old copy of his newsletter and posts a portion of it here and there.*

~~ The Dragon's Whisper ~~
Vol XII Num IV Oclar 1411

~~ Frindahl's Fortress ~~
by Bumblebee

The day started much as many others had with me camped beside Corax Lake. The dark morning clouds overhead continued to spit their rain down upon the already soaked lands, so I had no hope for a fire. I often camp beside the lake on a small jetty that sticks out into it. A small stone at the edge of the water is perfect for my small frame to sit upon. This spot offers the opportunity to greet and inquire of the travels from the passing adventurers. It is too dangerous for the merchants and the path too narrow for caravans and such. This means that most that come past are destined to explore the lands. Little did I know what the day would bring and how much I would see by the following morning.

As fate would have it one of the Loom brothers, Voon, would pass by my camp. I have traveled with him on several occassions since researching the goings on of the Berylites some years past. He is quite skilled in the field and there are fewer I feel safer with than he. With him was Goldwin Blacknight and the pair might not have noticed me upon my rock if I had not called out. (A reason I prefer starting a warm campfire at this site to catch the travellers eye.)

Voon, dressed in unscratched cobalt armor, was not inclined to delay their travels as they were to meet others in Dalanthar. The pair, though, agreed that I would be welcome to come along as they made haste to the North. Outside of Dalanthar we found the group we were travelling to meet. In addition to Voon Loom and Goldwin Blacknight, there were Quantum Windword, Savin Amandil, Nobwocket Dernhelm, Beasty Headsmasher, and Malor Lucredious. After greetings and introductions, I learned our destination: The orc fortress of Frindahl.

I was quite hesitant at first to join such a venture. Not being overly skilled in battle with my small bow, what could I provide? Steeling my courage, though, I thought to document such a journey. Is this not what I claim to seek? Right before me, such an opportunity to travel with veterans of many wars. I committed myself to aiding them.

As the group made magical and spiritual preparations, I did likewise. First a small vial of liquid to aid my intellect, for there would be many details to remember I was sure. Then checking over my bowstring and quiver full of plain arrows. Finally, a quick prayer to Prunilla to watch out for this fool farmer of tales.

As midnight approached, the towering Thunderpeaks loomed above us dark and cold. Snow, falling from the clouds high over our heads, sifted down upon us as graveyard dirt would to fill a grave. I could not help the shivering that rattled my gear. We marched though the passes, having to deal with giants, until we came to a narrow cleft. There, spread out below, was a ridged valley. Far in the distance, a twinkling of torches. My recollection fills in the details as I recall this scene now. I know now that the dark cliffs hinted at across that distance were instead the walls of the fortress.

We entered the valley and met the first guards. All made haste to quiet them, with Goldwin taking down the archer and Quantum the guard. Though it was over quickly, the violence of the battle hinted at what was yet to come. Some had travelled here before and knew the path ahead. We were to take a twisting route to the fortress, with the aim being to move quickly but efficiently. The ridges of the valley offered ample places for archers to note our passage. For some reason, though, the guards seemed paralyzed in their high posts as we passed.

Safely to a wooden gate, Voon and Beasty dispatched the pair of guards and we were through and inside the compound. Here my memory recalls only a blurred and chaotic scene: A bridge, shrouded in mist from the river, obscuring guards. So many, too many! Axes and swords clashing, brilliant lights of magic slamming and scorching. Archers! There! Over and between the barricades, a final pair of orcs downed in a flurry of might. I suppose the whole battle lasted no more than a few moments, but I felt as if time had slowed around me and that it would never end.

Into the fortresses doors, the group pushing the surprised orcs aside. Down narrow corridors and then crashing through into the library. Stacks of books! No time to look! Flashes, then screams, then silence. Door ahead, check it over and unlock, then through and step quietly into a bedroom. Here whispered preparations are made, plans traced out on the floor. I stay back, willing myself to recall the details for writing this tale later.

Voon agrees to present himself as a target to any in the room ahead, the others to surprise the orcs that will pursue. It's begun! The guards come running, archers on their heels. Quantum downs a guard, Voon another. Goldwin takes a guard and then the archer behind. Beasty takes the other archer. The others in our group apply their magics to the battle, attack where opportunities arise, holding the corridor.

There he is! Clearly a leader amongst these orc, he's enormous. Again and again the leader smashes Voon. Savin lets spells fly, Nobwocket trying to get in there too. Goldwin coming from the side. Finally, Malor gets in a blow that finally downs the orc.

Quickly now, time to get out. The orcs won't take this breech of their fortress well. But wait, check the room. There, a chest, grab what you can. Swiftly the group departs down the same path travelled to arrive at the fortress. More battles, but the group is heady with success and there is no stopping us.

Back in the mountains, with the snow still softly falling and the sun lightening the clouds above. Soft and white, the drifting snow seems welcome now. Clean and bright. Perhaps a camp in the mountains wouldn't be so bad. Certainly not if surrounded by such strength as these.



Re: ** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **
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*barion sighs as he reads the note , then he travels to Stone to pay his respect *


Re: ** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **
« Reply #5 on: April 12, 2008, 04:00:52 am »
*Amilia Reads the notice and begins to sigh*

Voon you will be soorly missed

*sighs once more and heads out to stone to pay respects with the rest of hes freinds*


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Re: ** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **
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*Boon sits in his house and stares into the fire. He have just been told that his brother died in battle. His eyes are filled whith tears and he feels like a large piece of himself is missing. whith heavy steps he walks to the door, take his gear and then head out to get to the city of stone to say farwell to his only brother*

// Wish I could have been there mate.. *sobs* Atleast Voon didn't just fade away like an old fart.. Lived and died whith honer and glory ;)


Re: ** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **
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*Beli reads the note and sighs*

Another great one gone

Pen N Popper

Re: ** Voon Loom, Cleric of Beryl have passed away **
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The tale of the Orc Fortress is whispered to have been told again late one night and early into the following morning in Center. The orator was very short in stature.