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Boarding Sought ~ Hlint or Haven


Pen N Popper:
[SIZE=24]Boarding Sought ~ Hlint or Haven[/SIZE][/U]

[SIZE=16]Room sought for smithy laborer. Bathing facilities not necessary, though adequate ventilation recommended.

Storage for raw ore, as well as finished glass and metal works required.

Get word to Dubbel at the Wild Surge in regards to rate and availability.[/SIZE]

Mister Dubbel

As you were just in my Inn not long ago, perhaps we can speak.  I do have one room currently open for a nominal fee, or barter if that suits.  We should meet to discuss your space needs.

Andrew Reid, the Silver Buckle Inn

Mister Dubbel,

If your preference is to remain on Mistone, inquire at the Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern with Steel, Rose, or Tyra.



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