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Help in preserving in natures balance.


Notices posted in Leilon, Harmony Grove, List, Hlint, Rangers Vale, Fort Llast, Krandor, Port Hamshire and Fort Velensk:

Abominations are roamming around, they are tainted, unatural and should be killed on sight before they mix with others of their breed.
Recognizing them shouldn't be hard as they have a magic aura that surrounds them and attack on sight themselves.
Be forewarned, these are not ordinary animals and have magical means to agress and defend themselves so be carefull in aproching them.

*Path post the last notice in Fort Velensk and nearly drives an arrow threw a chicken that cockled rigth behind him. I realy need to get some sleep and hope to never see an egg again in my life; he mutters under his breath as he walks away*


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