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Meeting to Restore Vale

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*Notices posted in various public areas around Mistone* *** Meeting ***Restoring Vale and Artison's Grove in the Forest of Fog on Dregar it's time to meet! we'll meet in Vale to walk around and see what we need for the rebuild things i'm thinkin' that needs to be gotten to restore Vale
* materials[li]wood
* stone
* holdin' together stuff[/li][li]temple representative[li]Katia - they plan on returnin'?[/li][/list][/li][li]security - gotta have people watchin' while we talk[/li][li]people to live there[li]old – people that fled, what do they want and would thye returning?[/li][li]new[/li][/list][/li][li]workin'[li]clearing area - it's a mess. gotta move stuff out, use what we can[/li][li]building - need'em[/li][li]recruiting help - not just adventurers, but others plannin' on livin' there[/li][li]looking for residence - locate the refugees[/li][/list][/li][/list]Come with your ideas!!
//Sorry it has taken so long; was waiting for the plot quest to end and my own schedule to stabilize. Its scheduled for Saturday evening (US), but I am more than willing to meet with smaller groups at different times to get ideas and other support. Once I get the meetings completed, I will forward a plan to Minerva so she can start the event planning. My PM box is open.Calendar event

*** Meeting ***Restoring Vale and Artison's Grove in the Forest of Fog on Dregar it's time to meet again and for those who missed the first onewe'll meet in Vale to walk around and see what we need for restoration //Event will be this Saturday morning at 10am PST.

//Corky won't be able to be there due to his handler having a conflict, but I hope you guys have fun and maybe you can give Corky some of the tasks like collecting stones or chopping wood:)

Appreciate this time generally. However will be unavailable that day so will try to catch up IG/forums

Thistle Trading is going in with the first adventurers! Yes as you would expect of the world's premier trading company, Thistle Trading will be opening an Ox at Vale while  a more permanent structure is prepared. But it will be business as usual from day 1. Our representatives will be on hand to deliver tools, specialist equipment and all other goods. We are proud to be associated with the Vale rebuilding project and have been voted Vale's preferred trading partner once again.Food Fast right where you need it! (maybe that will catch on!)


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