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Fian Bearsark

Mistone Explorers
« on: December 11, 2011, 02:41:29 pm »
A nicely-written note posted:

Tired of the crafthouse grind? Looking for fresh air and adventure? Put down those tools!

Seeking: adventurers who enjoy long walks in dangerous places, sipping healing potions by a campfire and whispering tales of treasure while scouting ahead. Join me for a journey across the wild, wonderful continent of Mistone. Observations of local fauna before they try to kill us. Let's find some Places of interest for a Mistone Explorer's Badge!
Write your name below for a return to adventure.

Drawna Eldreal

(Warning: risk of injury, dismemberment, death, fear and loss of many healing items. Faint-hearted need not apply)

// I am looking for a fun trek across many areas of Mistone with a group of low to mid-levels (7-15). Lots of places to see for people who have trouble soloing. Added perk is finding those points of interest markers for satisfaction and xp :-) I am thinking Sunday Eve Dec 18 7ish pm EST until Whenever. Meet at Center. Lurking DMs welcome too of course!
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Re: Mistone Explorers
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/// I might be late, but if so I'll try and catch up. ///