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Author Topic: Raven Trade Compagny Danger Trip #2  (Read 60 times)


Raven Trade Compagny Danger Trip #2
« on: July 11, 2008, 07:39:27 am »
* A post is tacked up on the message boards across various Inns Taverns and otherwise visited places by adventures *
The Raven Trade Compagny have decided to begin to host a series of gatherings, meant to illuminate and educate the infrequent adventurer in the dangers of the world. These gatherings will show and demonstrate the tenacity and sheer determination that all adventures are born with. This is the second of such gatherings.
 We hope that these trips will serve as a breeding ground for new friendships across the races and beliefs.
 A such first gathering is held here: Raven Trade Compagny Danger Trip #2
 Now a few small rules:
Because of the destinations travelled, the Ravens will hold the right to deny people if they are acting reckless or if they are otherwise known to cause danger to people.
We expect people to be of a mature experience, those attending can hold their own. Everyone can join in Hempstead, but due to whatever place we travel to, we may deem some inadequate to join along on the trip because of the danger involved. This is not to limit anyone to join along, but more to protect you and us.
Resources and items of value will be determined by need before greed. No items gained from these trips, are allowed to be sold/traded for profital use, and no resources will be given to people without a need for it.
 Lin'da Sul'kolindo on behalf of the Raven Trade Compagny.
// If RP is not initiated by the player either IG or with a letter, you will not be invited along, its as simple as that.
 If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to PM me.
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