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Restoration of Vale

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*Posted on a big sheet of parchment*  Seeking information about the destruction of the village, Vale, on Dregar! Post here and I can meet you. I am going to try to restore the village and Katia Temple. Thanks!Charm*brief description of herself given here* //Looking to start a CDQ or whatever is needed to start restoring Vale and adjoining area. I just need some catching up on the history of it.

Dear Charm,During the time of the last big famine, a group of dark elves attacked Vale.  It was reported that the leader was a female with long white hair, mounted on a demon horse.  The horse was solid black with red eyes and a horn growing from its head.  Many of the attackers clothes had images of this demon horse.  The priestess of Katia was tortured and slain, the shrine descecrated, most of the inhabitants slaughtered, and the very ground made barren.I have been digging bat poo into the ground around the shrine for many years, hoping to bring life back to the earth around it, but with almost no visible result.  I don't know what it would take to resanctify the earth and the shrine, but I am willing to do it.Sincerely,Fern Fiddlehead, Priestess of Katia

Miss Charm,I cannot tell you much directly about Vale as it was long before my time, but there were a few scattered reports. I've included a few in my letter. is very keen on restoring Katia to Vale, I've been helping her and would aid any effort there.Jo Poetr. 

*A small, dirty and slightly torn note is found tacked on to the bottom of the larger parchment*Hey! I was wondering about this just the other day! What about Clover? It's a smaller village near by and it also seems to be in shambles. However there does seem to be at least one house still occupied there... Did it get sacked at the same time? Seems like it would be the perfect spot for a tree house...- Q*A hastily drawn four leaf clover is found below the capital letter Q*

*As she reads through the notes, she writes a quick "thanks" on each. Then she adds another piece of paper.*Let's not accept this as a defeat! Let's rebuild!Let's repopulate! 


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