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Author Topic: Reward Offered -- posted in many well-frequented inns  (Read 615 times)


Reward Offered -- posted in many well-frequented inns
« on: March 09, 2015, 09:51:43 am »
A reward of 25,000 trues, total, is offered for assistance in the capture of Garnet of the Silver Fist, thought to be a dark-haired halfling man with one garnet-colored eye and teeth that glitter in many colors.  He dresses like a fancy bard, with lots of jewelry.  Subject is extremely dangerous and is thought to be a trained assassin.  We would strongly prefer that he be taken alive, as he may give information on his employer Mortissar Bael, who is also sought.All Angels and all other interested parties are called to help end this scourge.  We will meet in Center one day hence (8pm-11pm EST 03/10/15).~~Ferrit Pandorn
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-- another  hand written note
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-- another  hand written note is pinned to the first--

Per prior contact with the authorities in Hempstead:

 Garnet is a known, wanted assasin believed employed by the Silvers. 

 He is described as a 3'8" halfling, obsessed with Gems. He has been sighted at places where gems are processed.

Hempstead has already  a  standing 5000 true bounty on him ( dead or alive)

In addition it is known with certainty that this Garnet struck elsewhere.

In a prior crime  a victim identified as Bill Delaney of Center was found gruesomly murdered.

There is no doubt that Garnet was responsible.